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Kolorstar is a world of professional paints for leather, suede, fabric, wood, glass, rubber and PVC.

Do you want to buy a paint for leather, suede, fabric that would be of high quality and reliability? There is an urgent need for restoration or repair of leather, suede, fabric, wood products? Looking for where to buy cheap professional paints? All You will be able to purchase in the online store Кolorstar saving your precious time and money. Sitting on your sofa, you will be able to view the widest range of professional colors for any materials and surfaces. And it should be noted that the price of paint for leather, suede, fabric, wood, glass, rubber, PVC in Ukraine on our website is quite attractive.

Buy paint for leather, suede, fabric, wood, glass, rubber and PVC in online store Kolorstar It is no secret that paints for leather, suede, fabric and other materials, today for those who are engaged in restoration, production or repair is a demanded expendable material. It is justified that everyone who is professionally engaged in these works wants to get an excellent result of painting, so looking for where to buy high-quality paint for leather products, suede products or fabric. If you are in search of such a place, you have come to the right place! Online store Kolorstar is ready to offer you a large species and color range of professional paints on very favorable terms.

And so, You will be able to buy:

• Paints for leather and leatherette.

• Paints products from a nubuck and smooth suede.

• Paints for rubber and PVC articles

• Paints for wooden articles.

• paints for glassware, including plexiglass And glass ceramics.

• paints for textile products.

it should be noted that all the paints presented on our website are of excellent quality and complete safety, they penetrate deeply into the structure of the product, have excellent parameters of wear resistance, air and vapor permeability. Moreover, the colors of TM Kolorstar perfectly impregnate the product, exclude the appearance of stains from external sources, for example, salt or snow, if the paint is used for shoes, thereby significantly increase the service life of the painted product.

The well thought over structure of the paints presented at us on the website allows to paint evenly and professionally a surface, thus masking any flaws and defects. A wide range of colors will allow you to achieve any shade by mixing. In addition to professional paints, you can buy liquid skin, glue and other materials that may be needed for functional work in this area.