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Cable powder from harmful insects for home and garden, the original!

Лидер продаж!
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Probably everyone who has his own house, apartment, dacha and any household faced with the problem of harmful insects. Even mosquito nets do not always save from flying, and what to say about crawling able to penetrate into all the cracks and creep from floor to floor. At the same time, not a big problem is aggravated by the fact that the pests of which were not immediately withdrawn leave their offspring, which is much harder to fight with!

German cable powder is adapted for the Ukrainian consumer and represents an effective remedy against cockroaches, ants, fleas, bedbugs, moths, flies, wasps and other importunate insects. The weight of the sachet is 8 g, calculating an average of one room when destroying cockroaches, ants and other creeping reptiles. In the spilled form, the lethal action of 3-4 weeks, which is completely enough to remove the larva of the offspring! Any spray, dichlorvos or liquid evaporates and dries up usually after airing or after a day, and the powder is active for a month in the put and many years in a closed condition!

All times using this tool you will forget about expensive and not always effective drugs and call sanitation and disinfection! Usually, after the first use of the drug, insects do not return for many years! The method of application is convenient and practical, does not require special knowledge and skills! Safe for people, things and pets!

For all crawling in the room: apply powder around the perimeter of the room, especially in the corners and skirting boards where there are remains of food, crumbs, sweet, sugar. From cockroaches scatter on the cabinets, bedside tables, around the stove, everywhere in the places of their accumulation. Against the offspring, use bait in the form of bread crumbs or boiled egg yolk in powder. For ants, place sugar on the paper in the places where they are moving, adding a little powder and watering them. On the site, in the shed or on the street, just sprinkle on an anthill. From moths to spread out on paper in cabinets, niches and other places of the congestion. Wasps, hornets, shashel and other beetles - just fall asleep nests and places of accumulation of powder in the dark!

The rest of the flying create also baits scattering powder on paper in places of their accumulation adding a little sugar, honey or something sweet that they like!

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