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Cloth Axfixer how to use

Work with the Axfixer adhesive preferably in the open air or in a room with ventilation. It is necessary to protect your eyes from the ingress of glue and its fumes. It is also necessary to guard against contact with the skin of hands and fingers - this can lead to thermal injury. Attempting to glue materials containing cellulose (eg cotton) can lead to an intense exothermic reaction. Released heat can cause burns if a lot of glue is applied. When working with Axfixer glue and its transportation it is not recommended to use cotton or woolen clothes, especially thin fabric gloves.

So, you have a tube with glue hardened in the "nose" and glue does not flow out, what's going on?

Do not try to squeeze out the adhesive from the tube by force! This ends up uncontrollable, under pressure, a stream of glue and splashes into the eyes! It is best to gently prick the clogged tip with a pin (even better heated to red with a pin or piercing needle from the kit).

Glued fingers, sentry, what should I do? The main thing is not to panic!

If the glue is not yet frozen and you are not stuck tight, try gently sticking up the skin. If it's too late, then do not grab the knife - cut the skin on your fingers. Everyone who works with such glue should have a jar of acetone at hand. Well we moisten the glued fingers with acetone and wait. Acetone softens the glue, but not instantly, do not try to immediately separate the fingers and the more forcefully, be patient! Do not let the acetone completely evaporate, it is advisable to put a cloth well soaked with acetone to the place of gluing - you do not have to wet your fingers every minute. In particularly difficult cases, sometimes it takes about 40-60 minutes. Depends on the glue and the area of ​​the glued fingers. Be careful and vigilant!

Adhesives based on cyanoacrylates easily withstand loads of 150 kg / cm2, and more powerful ones, such as "Black Max" by Loctite, Axfixer and Laktit - 250 kg / cm2. The heat resistance of the joint is low and comparable to the heat resistance of acrylic plexiglass: from 70-80 ° C for conventional glues and up to 250 ° C for Axfixer glue.

When gluing containing a small amount of surface moisture materials should be breathed on them (an excellent personal experience)! Octyl-2 - the least toxic of cyanoacrylates - is used for medical purposes for gluing of wounds and for stopping bleeding. During the Vietnam War was used to provide first aid in case of injury!

How to properly use the glue Axfixer?

Break through the tip of the tube with a needle from the kit. Before gluing the surface, clean thoroughly from dirt, rust. Dry, degrease (pure honey alcohol or pure acetone). Then apply a small amount of glue on one of the surfaces. Strongly squeeze the hands of the surface! When working with Axfixer glue, the maximum pressure at the first moment of gluing is important. When working with the skin, the time between application and compression should be extremely short. Glue is better applied to a less absorbent surface!

Connection time: rubber, leather, soft PVC 30 - 60 sec. Metal, glass, wood, solid PVC 2 - 4 minutes. Full readiness of the glued surfaces is achieved after 8 hours. In the seam is neutral!

Does not glue: polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon, vtoroplast, silicone.
How to store the glue correctly?

Remove the remnants of glue and dirt from the spout, close it with a piercing needle, threading the cellophane or polyethylene layer on top of it for tightness! Keep it upright! From the moment of opening, 1.5 years are stored at room temperature and 3 years from 0 to + 7 * C.
Attention! Bonds it instantly! Protect eyes! Keep away from children! In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice!
Application of the second component:

Fixerverstarker fixing amplifier is used for:
- elimination of leaks and fistulas;
- tight fixation of threaded connections;
- Restoration of lost surface elements;
- Hardening of glued surfaces with a small joint area (strengthening the connection to 50%);
- compounds in which, for unknown reasons, the polymerization of the contact adhesive does not occur.

Application process:
Apply glue to a clean, dry surface or inside the fistula and sprinkle the fixation amplifier. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times. The polymerization time is from 1 to 5 minutes, the reinforced seam can be machined and stained.
Only works in conjunction with Axfixer. Shelf-life Unlimited!