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Glue for leather, nubuck, leatherette, etc.

Tired of non-quality adhesives? Is it necessary to glue something securely? The newest, technical adhesive Axfixer is ideal for you for powerful connections of various materials, namely: rubber, leather, metal, ceramics, plastic, etc., and also dissimilar, for example: rubber-metal, wood-plastic, PVC-plastic etc. After 30 minutes you can try to glue the material to strength, although full availability comes in 8 hours.

Due to its good chemical composition and anaerobic technology, Axfixer glues quickly and can withstand loads of up to 250 kg / cm2 and also perfectly connects PVC products such as: inflatable mattresses, pools, beds, boats, tarpaulins, tents, etc. while leaving absolutely soft, elastic surface is not afraid of water and moisture!

Adhesive Axfixer is equipped with a special powder Fixerverstärker fixation for hard materials. You can eliminate fistulas, and also seal any cracks and holes in pipes, buckets, tanks, radiators, and metal-plastic products. It works as a joint fixer, plasticizer for building up missing parts, chipped pieces, sealing slots and how the sealant will provide you with a solid seal, eliminate leaks in plastic or metal containers!

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Axfixer 20 glue without amplifier

Industrial glue Axfixer designed for heavy-duty connection of materials on a household and industria..



Лидер продаж!
Axfixer-20-gr glue with the amplifier
Axfixer-20-gr glue with the amplifier

Technical adhesive Axfixer is an adhesive of a new generation with a unique heavy-duty formula for j..



Axfixer 30 glue without amplifier

Industrial glue Axfixer is designed to solve non-standard tasks in which ordinary glue does not work..



Лидер продаж!
Axfixer-30-gr adhesive with amplifier
Axfixer-30-gr adhesive with amplifier

Industrial two-component adhesive Axfixer will become for you a reliable friend for small and large ..



Fixierverstarker fixing device for Axfixer glue

Fixierverstarker fixation amplifier is used for:- elimination of leaks and fistulas;- tight fixation..


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