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Advantages of Kolorstar skin paint in front of other paints

Kolorstar paint

Kolorstar's industrial paint for leather is ideal for painting and renewing leather and leatherette products, natural and artificial suede and nubuck, as well as rubber products, rubberized fabrics, PVC, tent fabric and generally dense fabrics. For example, the car interior, upholstered furniture, leather jackets, raincoats, sheepskin coats, shoes, bags and wallets, car seat covers and driver's seats and much more.

Perfect for PVC awnings, intex mattresses and pools, boats and inflatable wheels, car tires, wheels and rugs, ideal for patterns and ornaments for stencils, conventional inscriptions, text and contours.

For high-quality painting of suede and nubuck professional paint Kolorstar is completed in special sets of three components: surface cleaner, paint itself and varnish fixer. In each set, as in any order, a detailed instruction is applied to this paint to avoid typical errors in painting.

Color selection of paints

It is also important that the choice of colors for Kolorstar paint is possible according to the international catalog of colors Ral of any standard! Usually it's 213 colors and everything is in stock and in one place! You can choose a color from us on the site in the Select Color section simply by expanding any suitable shade to the whole screen and leaning your product for accuracy. If you doubt the accuracy of the color on the monitor or the desired shade is not in the palette - send us a sample of color or the product itself for a more accurate selection.

Benefits of Kolorstar Paint

And most importantly - the properties and advantages: Kolorstar paint has exceptional wear resistance and coating strength, has a water repellent effect and high resistance to temperature changes! The consumption of our paint is extremely economical, and the shelter is quite high! You can easily repaint the product in a different color or just update it! For a better quality and durability, we recommend using a special lacquer after painting. A glossy and matt lacquer is available. There are also gold and silver lacquer metallic to create gold and silver shades that are not in the catalog!

On how to properly use our paint for painting leather, leatherette, suede, nubuck, rubber and PVC, you can look in the block of articles Instructions on our website or see a video of work with Kolorstar skin paint.