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How to independently repair a leather car interior

In order for you to feel comfortable in your car, the condition of its interior is of great importance. During operation of the car, its wear occurs. Over time, cracks, scuffs, chips appear, spots from various substances remain, even burnt spots from the ashes of cigarettes.

How to restore a leather interior of a car? You can ask professional masters for help, and completely change the upholstery, or repaint it, but it will take a lot of time and it will cost you a lot. There is another option. With the appearance on the market of professional paint for Kolorstar leather, you can update the leather interior yourself.

Before repainting a leather interior of a car, you should understand that this is a capacious and responsible work. But the desire to reconstruct your car by updating its inner cover and giving it a second life will help you cope with this task.

So, if you decide to update the leather interior of your car yourself, then for this you will need high-quality means for painting leather products of the Kolorstar brand, as well as some knowledge on the technology of reconstruction and painting.

Professional paint for leather products Kolorstar, is a high-quality tool, and has the following properties:

  • Easy to apply
  • Penetrates deep into product structure
  • Dries quickly
  • Allows you to evenly and professionally paint the surface, masking flaws and defects
  • Wear resistant
  • Air and vapor permeable

Perfectly nourishes the coating, eliminating stains and prolonging the life of the coating

A large selection of colors allows you to choose the right color and shade, or get it when mixing

To paint the leather interior of a car

You will need such tools:

  • Kolorstar putty is a professional tool for eliminating various defects in skin wear: scuffs, cracks, chips. Putty is especially effective in repairing cuts, filling problem areas with its volume.
  • Liquid skin Kolorstar
  • Fine sand paper
  • Rubber gloves
  • Nail scissors
  • Glue for skin
  • Roller, sponge or spray gun
  • Kolorstar Leather Fixer

For the perfect effect when painting leather products, we recommend that you use the same brand of products, as mixing different brands of products may be unsafe because of a possible chemical reaction.

Preparations for the restoration of seats

Painting must be carried out in a well-ventilated and spacious room. Carefully remove the seats from the vehicle and remove stains, if any. Before applying the paint, the surface must be degreased with a special cleaner, which is supplied with the paint. It completely degreases the coating, makes the application of paint to the surface even, thanks to this the skin effectively absorbs the applied paint, and the product gets a saturated color.

Reconstruction of leather goods

First you need to carefully cut off the torn edges on scratches, burrs with nail scissors. Then clean the “problem areas” with sandpaper and smooth the surface with liquid skin. If there are small tears and cuts on the skin, you need to gently glue them with special glue for leather products. After the repaired area has dried, treat it with liquid skin. With deep cracks and chips, liquid skin is also used. You need to work with gloves, filling the gradually formed voids with a small spatula. If there are small holes and burned areas from cigarettes in the skin, stick a patch on them, clean the edges with fine emery paper and smooth with liquid skin. After half an hour, you can proceed to painting.

Painting car seats:

Choose the right color and select a shade from the Kolorstar leather range of colors or mix colors to get the right shade. With Kolorstar skin paint, you can update or radically change the color of the leather interior of your car.

Be sure to wear gloves. And apply the paint on a dry surface.

You can paint leather seats with a brush, sponge, roller, spray gun, airbrush, which is more convenient for you. If you paint by hand - distribute the paint evenly and with small strokes. Spray paint at a distance of 30 cm. Paint should be applied in several layers, but no more than three. Dry each layer for half an hour, or with a hairdryer in five minutes. Full drying of the paint will occur in a day.

Extra protection for leather

You can protect the leather seats of the car by covering it for fixing with varnish, with a glossy and matte effect. Such a coating will last a long time, wear out less and repel moisture.

Kolorstar leather products will help you upgrade and remodel your worn-out items. Materials after painting remain soft, but durable, with good breathability and water-repellent effect.