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Jeans painting at home

Jeans have long been an integral part of our lives. Almost every inhabitant of our planet has at least one jeans in his wardrobe, and many have more than one pair. Denim clothing has remained popular for many years, as it is fashionable and practical to use. But over time, after numerous washes, like other clothes, jeans “burn out”.

If your favorite jeans are rubbed and shed, don’t be upset, you can restore their color with fabric dyes in ordinary household conditions. There are two ways to paint: manually, and in the machine. Dyes for jeans are powdery and liquid.

Preparation for staining:

  • Before the painting procedure, check all pockets and twist the jeans;
  • Be sure to wash the product, making sure that there are no stains on it;
  • Read carefully the instructions that came with the fabric paint and follow it exactly;
  • Prepare rubber gloves;
  • Put on old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty;
  • Take a small cloth in case you spill the paint.

Many are afraid to dye clothes in the washing machine, fearing that the paint will remain on the walls of the machine, or the machine will break. But do not be afraid - the method of painting jeans in a washing machine is very simple. You do not need to mix and squeeze the jeans with your hands, in hot water, the technique will do it for you.

Painting jeans in a washing machine

  • Dilute the paint in water, making sure it is completely dissolved, especially if you use powder dye. If lumps or grains of sand remain, the fabric will stain unevenly and stains and stains will remain;
  • Do not breathe fumes of paint;
  • Pour the solution with paint into the drum of the washing machine, just do not add conditioner - this will ruin the coloring;
  • If you use liquid dye, pour it into the compartment for washing powder;
  • Put the product in the washing machine, it should be wet, so it is better to dye;
  • Set the longest washing mode, for example “cotton”, select the maximum temperature;
  • As a fixer, you can use salt or soda, adding a little to the water;
  • Rinse the jeans in cold water, in the car or by hand, so that the paint is well absorbed into the fabric;
  • Then, jeans should be washed with washing powder, on a short washing cycle, for example, synthetics, at a temperature of 40 °;
  • Dry your jeans after washing, without the use of heating appliances. Hang out to dry in the fresh air, but avoid exposure to sunlight. Or spread them on a flat surface and spread them so that creases do not form, otherwise the fabric will unevenly absorb the paint;
  • After painting, ventilate the room well.

After you dye your clothes in the washing machine, remove any remaining dye with a bleach. Pour it into the powder tank and put unnecessary things in the drum, if there are none, scroll the machine to idle. The remnants of fabric paint will be washed off, and you can safely wash your things in it, without fear that they will become spotty.