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Clay Axfixer video instruction

The Axfixer adhesive is a new development in the field of surface joints. It is designed for heavy-duty gluing of boat cloth, hard PVC, plastics (except polyethylene, polypropylene, teflon, fluoroplastic), rubber, wood, metal, glass, ceramics and many other materials.

It is equipped with a powder-amplifier for hard surfaces used to fill the slots, strengthen the glued parts, build up and restore the chipped, lost parts of the parts. After its application, the products can be machined and painted!

In soft materials - soft, in the glass - transparent. Excellent adhesive also heterogeneous materials! It is stored for 1-2 years in the open condition, does not dry! Perfect assistant on the road, in technology and economy. Useful and necessary thing in any house, apartment, in the country!