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Working with glue Kernil

KERNIL is a glue made of high-strength industrial adhesives, it is ideal for reliable connections of various materials, namely: rubber, leather, metal, ceramics, plastic, etc. and also dissimilar, for example: rubber-metal, wood-plastic. plastic-PVC, etc. After 30 minutes you can try to glue the material to strength, although full availability comes in 8 hours.

One of the few that perfectly connect PVC products such as: inflatable mattresses, pools, beds, boats, tarpaulins, tents, and others while leaving an absolutely soft, elfasted surface not afraid of water and moisture!

Due to its good chemical composition, anaerobic technology KERNIL two-component glue quickly glues and holds loads up to 250kg / cm square!

With additional use with KERNIL glue FILLER filler powder, you can eliminate fistulas, and also seal any cracks and holes in pipes, buckets, tanks, radiators, and metal-plastic products. The principle of its operation: it works as a connection amplifier, a plasticizer for missing parts, slots and as a sealant will provide you with a firm seal, eliminate leakage in plastic or metal containers. Is able to keep water pressure at high and low temperatures!