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Skin Repair Adhesive

Repairing the product with glue for the skin

Glue for leather and leatherette can be useful not only for repairing leather shoes, clothes, furniture, hand made craftsmen use glue for leather in the manufacture of accessories and souvenirs. Having spent a little time, you can create unique things from the skin with your own hands, which are in demand among connoisseurs of this material. Masters who work with skin understand that it’s not enough to have good material, imagination and skill, and for such work you need high-quality glue for the skin.

Genuine leather is a very high quality material. It has strength and elasticity, withstands temperature and moisture. With proper skin care, it will serve you for many years, and will not lose its pristine appearance and properties. After special treatment, the skin takes on different colors and textures.

Leather products are beautiful and comfortable to use. Many products are made from genuine leather: clothes, shoes, hats, accessories, upholstery for furniture. Leather upholstery for home and office furniture, leather seats in the car, all this looks luxurious and prestigious.

Modern manufacturers have learned to imitate genuine leather by making such materials as dermatin, eco-leather, etc. For comparison, artificial leather looks very much like natural material, but does not have such functionality as leather. Artificial leather adopted the texture and color of natural material, it is much cheaper in price and unpretentious in care. But, unfortunately, this material does not withstand temperature differences and other natural factors.

How to choose the right glue for the skin

To repair leather products, gluing leather elements, be sure to choose high-quality glue. Skin glue is well applied and does not spread. After gluing, the leather seam should stretch well, not coarsen, and not change its shape after pressing, stretching, or pressing. During use, a repaired leather product glued with high-quality glue can withstand moisture, air, sudden temperature changes, and ultraviolet rays.

Recommendations for the repair of leather and leatherette

  • Be sure to work with glue in a well-ventilated area;
  • To get started, read the manufacturer's instructions, and follow the instructions in it;
  • Before gluing a leather product, it is necessary to wash, dry, and degrease it;
  • The surface should be dry and clean, for good adhesion of the skin and glue;
  • If there is serious damage to the product, use the patch on both sides, secure it carefully inside and out. In order for the patch to last for a long time, choose a thick and viscous glue according to the consistency, it must be transparent, set quickly, and after drying have flexible and soft properties.
  • After using the glue, be sure to close it tightly so that the residues do not dry out.
  • Wipe the brushes and other tools well with a solvent.

With the availability of quality materials for work, you can get the expected result that will bring you joy and pleasure