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Paint for decorating fabrics

Each of us in the closet will probably find an old T-shirt, blouse or jeans - favorite things that are a pity to throw away, but I want to somehow “revive”. To bring your ideas to life will help you paint for the fabric. Fabric dyes are available in sets and individually in jars, tubes, and in powder form, in bags. The composition of the dyes for the fabric, as a rule, includes a water base, acrylic paint, and a bonding agent, due to which the pattern adheres well to the fabric. There is a wide selection of paints for fabric: fluorescent, acrylic, neon; paints for silk, paints for leather textiles, etc. Contours for fabric will be good helpers in textile painting, they will delimit the pattern into several sections, and will not allow the paints to merge into one large spot.

Advantages of modern paints for fabrics:

  • Harmless to health;
  • Do not spread and do not create a sticky film after drying;
  • Keep bright color;
  • Resistant to numerous washings and fading from ultraviolet radiation.

High-quality paint for Kolorstar fabric will keep your painting bright and fresh, it does not fade and does not wash, and is resistant to mechanical damage. With the help of such paint you can apply the picture to the fabric or completely repaint the thing, “refresh” it. Paint for Kolorstar fabric is suitable for painting products made from natural and mixed fibers, is available in a wide range of colors and shades, you can easily choose the right color for yourself.

Fabric painting has long been a popular and entertaining hobby of many people. This option for decorating various wardrobe items and home textiles is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Using fabric paint, you can create an author’s drawing on your clothes by painting a dress or pants, a hat and a bag, or bring your ideas to the interior design by painting sofa pillows, a cover or a tablecloth. Good quality paint is an indispensable tool for creating DIY masterpieces.

How to apply a pattern to a fabric

  • To start, wash the item and let it dry;
  • Then iron the product so that the fabric does not shrink;
  • The best option is to paint natural fabrics, since their fibers absorb dyes well, the pattern is held on the fabric, and you will not get an unexpected result;
  • If you chose synthetic fabric for painting, then try to paint on an invisible area or a piece of such fabric;
  • Drawing on the fabric, start with the application of contours, so that subsequently the paint does not spread and is not smeared;
  • Wait for the pattern to dry, then iron it from the wrong side through a thin piece of cloth or tracing paper, so that the pattern is fixed on the product. If you used acrylic paints, iron the item without steam, if aniline - hold it in a steam bath;
  • After that, wash the item again on a delicate wash.

Art painting on fabric has been used since ancient times, and came to us from Asia. Today, this type of skill is very popular with modern needlewomen. With the help of textile painting, you can embellish your home, make it cozy and original, or add a few decorative elements to items from your wardrobe.