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Liquid skin paint

So that beautiful and high-quality leather things do not lose their attractive appearance, and serve you for a long time, you need regular, and good care. External factors such as moisture, dust, dirt eventually spoil the appearance of your favorite leather items. To help you come liquid paint for the skin - a professional tool for restoring leather products, and products from different types of leather substitute, which need a little repair. This product is well absorbed into the skin structure, nourishing, renewing it, and returning the product to its original color, and also prevent the appearance of spots from salt, snow, rain. Such paint will help you restore leather clothes, shoes, various accessories, home and office furniture, as well as car upholstery. The paint stays on the product for many years and enables you to use the restored item with pleasure.

Apply liquid paint to the skin

Liquid paint for the skin, as a rule, is completed with the applicator, for the convenience of its application. At home, you can use a foam sponge or a brush if, for example, you paint over leather boots or a bag, with a roller or spray gun for larger surfaces: leather furniture, car seats. Modern liquid skin paint is produced by manufacturers in a huge range of colors, you can easily choose the right color and shade, or achieve the desired color by mixing several colors. Liquid paint has several advantages:

• Does not wash off after rain and snow;

• Resistant to various environmental changes;

• Holds for a long time;

• Not noticeable on the product (if the color is chosen correctly), leaves no residue;

• Keeps the original structure of the product (leaves it soft, the skin does not rough after repair);

• Gives the skin a natural shine and rich color;

• Removes scuffs and other signs of wear: cracks, “burned out” areas;

• Can be used at home.

After applying liquid paint to the product and drying it, the leather item is covered with a strong and wear-resistant layer, and is comparable only to factory paint.

If you decide to paint a car salon or home sofa, you definitely need to prepare the surface for painting and applying varnish. Clean the surface from dust and dirt, be sure to degrease, and only then apply paint and varnish to the product. Varnish can serve as a fixing agent for the strength of the paint and guarantees its wear resistance and durability. Adding varnish to the paint will give you the effect of semi-dulling, also if you cover the finished product from the skin with paint, and on top of the paint with varnish, you will get a natural gloss.

If you need an excellent result of skin painting, choose a guaranteed high-quality and safe dye for the skin, with all quality standards.