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PVC fabric boat repair

Summer is the time of vacations and country trips. We all love to relax and have fun. Someone spends a vacation at the dacha by the pool, while someone goes to the mountains and swims down the river. In both cases, we use PVC fabric products, and over time they wear out and get damaged, requiring our intervention.

How to fix a PVC boat

Many people wonder how to do it right. To perform the work efficiently, it is necessary to prepare the place of repair. First of all, you need to degrease the place to be repaired with acetone or other available means. Then, stick on insulating tape or building tape to protect the bonding area from glue droplets falling onto the non-repairable area. Use only high-quality PVC fabric adhesive for repairs. Work with glue at room temperature. Apply a thin layer of glue to the problem area, make sure that there are no lumps. Then heat this area to activate the glue, when heated, the glue makes a strong bond, press the surface to be glued firmly, and use a roller to roll the surface, especially if it has bulges on it.

Restoration of seams on a PVC boat

Often, not understanding the consequences, people leave boats in the sun, and then seams are damaged and air leaks. If you damage the PVC fabric boat seam, the repair will be more difficult and time-consuming. Use a knob to mark the locations for precise boat seams. Pay attention to the humidity in the room where the joints are being repaired. It should not be more than 50%, since the connected parts will not be fastened. Look at the old seam, study it carefully and carefully disconnect it for further work. You must first remove the old dried glue from the surface with a piece of cloth soaked in solvent, and then heat the junction with a construction hair dryer, remove the remnants of the old glue with pressure, if it does not work, drop a little alcohol, it seeps out and dissolves better. After cleaning the repair site, apply a thin layer of glue using a brush and construction tape, then warm up the surface. Apply several layers of glue to the surface at intervals to dry, press the two pieces of PVC fabric firmly together, roll for a strong bond, and remove air between the layers, this can also be done by hand. Dry the surface well. Leave the glued product for a day, so that the glue "seizes" better.

Products made of PVC fabric are durable, durable and will last you a long time if you take care of them properly. This type of fabric is used in various fields, from the manufacture of workwear, swimming pools, boats, car tarpaulins and covers, and ending with flooring. But sometimes even products made of heavy-duty materials require repair, and then high-quality Axfixer PVC fabric adhesive will come to your rescue.