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Restoring nubuck products

If you want your leather items to serve you for a long time, you need to take care of them, especially for soft, velvet leathers such as nubuck and suede. Over time, during operation, leather products “burn out” and wear out. Such things can be restored, for this you need to buy paint for nubuck and Kolorstar suede. Thanks to the paint, you can hide burnt areas and stains that cannot be removed by other means. Kolorstar paint will help you restore the color and structure of your favorite nubuck or suede at home.

Using paint for nubuck and suede

The technology of painting a product made of nubuck and suede is distinguished by the choice of paint: liquid paint, aerosol or creamy, and it is also important to process the item before painting.

First you need to prepare the product for painting, regardless of what color you choose, whether it is green, black, red or white. The quality of the painting also depends on how well you cleaned the product from dust and dirt. Using a brush, carefully work through all the areas so that they are well dyed. You can also use an eraser for nubuck and suede, which will remove stains, if any, and return the material to its original hairiness. Deep clean the product with a special cleaning agent. Before staining shoes made of nubuck and suede, for the best result, put the pads inside the shoe, they will straighten the boots, shoes or shoes, and will contribute to a deeper penetration of the paint into the product.

If you use spray paint, shake the can well and spray the paint onto the product from a distance of 20 cm, it does not matter that you paint clothes, shoes or accessories.

Cream paint is sold complete with an applicator for convenient application. Squeeze a little paint from the tube onto the applicator and soak the leather product, pressing the sponge for several seconds to the material, and then evenly distribute the paint on the surface.

When using liquid paint for nubuck and suede, before applying, shake the bottle of paint, apply it to the product with a brush. Wait until the paint dries, and if the result does not suit you, apply another layer.

After the paint has dried completely, use a special brush for nubuck and suede, and return the product to its velvet characteristic of this type of skin. The last stage of restoration is to impregnate the product with a special tool that protects your updated thing from moisture and dirt, so that it serves you for a long time.