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Whatever the material is, after a while, it begins to lose its characteristics, and is destroyed. And, as a rule, such problems occur unexpectedly, when there is no special equipment for repair and restoration works at hand. In such situation the best option, than to buy thermal solder simply not to find. Heat the solder will easily be able to provide the repair under even the most extreme circumstances.

Online store Kolorstar offers everything for soldering and brazing, which will help to solve problems in a matter of minutes! Among the species range online store Kolorstar you can see thermal solder sealants or universal soldering and welding pencil.

Solder or Welding Pencil

Thermal solder-sealer and soldering-welding pencil - this is a great prerogative of a huge welding machine. They can easily cope with many types of restoration and repair work. Hardly having tried to carry out repair by means of thermal solder, you will not be able to refuse it ever!

Thermal solder, or as it is called welding pencil, is characterized by convenience and simplicity. Having decided to buy a welding pencil, You will not have to study for a welder for months, and even representatives of the fair sex will be able to work with thermal solder. To start working with a welding pencil, you just need to set the tip on fire.

By means of thermal solder it is possible to carry out repair works of products from cast iron, aluminum, zinc, steel, bronze, iron, copper, brass. In any economy there is that to repair, using a thermal solder sealant. After all, everyone who has a garden plot knows firsthand how many buckets and other garden accessories are thrown out because of the desolation of the element or a small hole. A small hole in the galvanized roof previously required urgent repair and dismantling of the roof.

Deciding to buy solder sealant such problems can be safely left in the past. It is enough only to kindle universal solder sealant, give it a little warm up, and apply the right amount of combustible mixture to the resulting crack or hole. Then leave for a few seconds, the solder sealant goes out, but the burning in the damaged area will continue for some time.

Universal solder sealant has proven itself in the application in extreme conditions. Moreover, we want to indicate that by welding with a welding pencil, it is not necessary to remove the paint from the treated surface. Therefore, a welding pencil Extropic to purchase is viable for applications in a domestic environment, to restore the enamel of pots, kettles, baths and shower trays, it does not require carry out cleaning of the enameled coating.

Indispensable welding pencil will be, and for motorists. Throwing yourself in the glove compartment of a pencil, he can instantly help you-punched radiator or pallet will not be an obstacle on the way to your destination, even if you are in a clean field.

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