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Cleaning agent for silver and home jewelry

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Sauberes Gold is a unique gold and silver cleaner designed to remove dirt and grease, remove stains and tarnish, restore the natural shine of silver and gold jewelry. After 2, 5 minutes of the procedure, the products become like new without any trace of cleaning!

Also removes oxide and other contaminants from copper, brass, aluminum, enamel, plastic, as well as from stainless steel and other surfaces. In addition, the tool is designed to clean any precious and precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, and so on. Safe for inserted precious, semi-precious and ornamental stones. Removes dull stains, stains from water and precipitation, and even light rust. Removes mineral deposits for example: lime, scale, cement, traces of oxidation. Resumes the original appearance of the product.

Buy silver cleaner

You can buy a silver and jewelry cleaning agent on our website by placing an order through the oneline order form or by phone. There is also wholesale and broshipping to expand the range!

Recommendations for use: put the product in a bag with the tool and tightly rub with rubbing or mash it all together in the hands of 2-5 minutes. If the product has very old dirt, rub it with a brush applying this tool to it. An even better way: pour 100-200 ml of hot boiling water into a glass, dissolve the product in it and place the product for 5-7 minutes. After cleaning, rinse with cold water. Does not require special means of protection. Your jewelry will sparkle like new!

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