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Universal Solder - Sealant 15 gr

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Buy universal solder sealant

Universal solder - sealant 15 gr for not large amounts of work is useful in every house, farm, auto!

It is literally designed to seal cracks, holes, patchwork, tinning and restoration of enamel coatings. Suitable for the following materials: cast iron, steel, iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, slate, stainless steel, zinc, heat-resistant plastic and plastic, wood, ceramics and others.

The structure of universal solder-sealant provides adhesion (adhesion), even on a rusty surface on both the horizontal and vertical plane. The result is a soldering, which can withstand 160 ° C and a pressure of 6 kg / cm2.

You can order universal solder sealant on our website easily by adding one click to your cart or by phone call!

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