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Liquid skin

Probably many of us have wondered what to do if our favorite leather shoes are scratched, or a leather bag is a little cracked from time to time. There are many leather care products on the market today. But there is one unique tool with which you can restore your things from leather and various leather substitutes.

Liquid leather is a modern and effective tool for repairing leather products. It is an alcohol-based polymer, with the addition of resins and dyes, visually reminiscent of shoe glue, but much better. The product is applied to the damaged areas, penetrates deep into the product, fixing the gaps, hides abrasions and scratches, and at the same time does not harden, but is completely compatible with the skin. Thus, liquid skin masks various damages, and after drying becomes integral with the material of the repaired product, and visually you will not notice the difference between the restored thing and the new one. Items made of materials such as leather or dermantin can be restored with this product only if there is minor damage to them: scratches, abrasions, in the event that these areas will not be heavily loaded in the future. During operation of the product, liquid leather protects it from moisture penetration, keeps the product material elastic and withstands temperature changes.

Kolorstar liquid skin is an easy-to-use product that can be used at home. It is recommended to apply it on small areas of leather products that need repair. If the damage is more than 5 mm, you need to put the patch on the wrong side of the product, and then apply liquid skin. Liquid leather is suitable for restoring leather car seats, shoes, clothes and accessories. It does not require heat treatment, holds firmly, keeps the product elastic and does not flake off after solidification. Products restored with liquid skin will serve you for a long time.

Application of liquid skin

· Before using this product, be sure to wash and clean the product you are going to repair, as if you ignore these recommendations, the quality of the repair will deteriorate sharply.

· Remove residual care products from the product.

· Allow the product to dry.

· Apply liquid skin on a clean and dry surface.

· Wait until it dries, then polish with a piece of cloth or a special polishing brush.

· Then apply a cream to leather products to even out the color and nourish the material. After, polish with wax.

Liquid skin can be of different colors and shades, but if you choose the wrong shade, the product is easily washed off within twenty minutes after application. Liquid skin completely hardens in two to eight hours, depending on the thickness of the applied layer.

You can buy Kolorstar liquid skin in our online store by placing an order on the website, or by contacting our managers by phone.

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Liquid leather putty for leather
Liquid leather putty for leather

Kolorstar liquid skin is a professional tool for repairing cracked or worn leather and leatherette. ..



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