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Paint for clothes and fabrics

You do not like the look of things from your wardrobe, and would you like to update them? Professional paints for fabric and clothes Kolorstar, they are also ideal for suede, nubuck. A special composition that is well absorbed and penetrates the structure of the fabric fibers will help you restore the original appearance of the product, or radically change its color, it all depends on your wishes. With this tool you can update dull and faded products, as well as use for painting different types of fabrics and clothes.

The advantages of paint for fabrics and clothes Kolorstar:

Affordable price;
Ability to use at home;
Differs in quality and color fastness;
Clothing and fabric do not fade after using paint;
The resistance of the stained product to washing;
Hypoallergenic and non-toxic;
Suitable for many types of fabrics, especially natural fibers;
Conforms to international quality standards.
If you are considering where to buy paint for fabrics and clothes, Kolorstar dyes, then what you need. Easy to use, and at the same time effective, as they allow you to achieve the desired color. The color scheme has 20 colors. You can buy Kolorstar paint, made in Germany, at an affordable price and in the right quantity, by ordering from us in the online store.

Household liquid dye for fabrics and clothes, Ukrainian production, is made in Lviv.

Advantages of universal liquid dye:

Easy to use, specially designed for home use;
With this tool you can completely change the color of the product;
Such paint can be used to dye products from natural and mixed fibers;
The product will well stain such types of fabrics as cotton, linen, wool, silk, nylon;
One bag of dye is enough to paint a sweater or one pair of jeans;
Universal dye suitable for use in washing machines;
Conforms to international quality certificates;
Clothes do not fade after washing with hands and a washing machine;
A wide range of colors - 33 species.

But be careful! If there are a lot of synthetic fibers in the fabric, the thing will not dye, or you will end up with a completely different color than you expected. Since it is impossible to dye aniline dye with synthetic products in the domestic environment. Detailed household instructions are also provided with liquid household dye.

Buy fabric paint

For the convenience of color selection, we can send you a color palette by vibe or email. Delivery of goods is carried out throughout Ukraine and the CIS countries. You can buy paint for clothes and fabrics wholesale or retail by placing an order on our website. Online store Kolorstar.com.