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Putty for skin

Putty Kolorstar

A modern and effective tool for the restoration of gross damage to leather and suede products, easy to use. Our online store offers you Kolorstar putty, in white and black colors. This putty is a universal tool for leather products, and can be used for the repair and restoration of leather car interiors, office furniture, shoes, clothes and accessories.

If you have serious damage to things: cracks, torn places, through burns, wear and tear, putty will mask all the flaws, and your thing will look almost like new.

Using Kolorstar skin putty, you maintain elasticity to the skin, the material will not get wet in future use due to moisture. The putty has good adhesive properties, after hardening it forms a flexible and durable layer.

Preparation for restoration

To get started, prepare the necessary tools and accessories for the work that you may need: tweezers, scissors, a toothpick, sandpaper with small crumbs, a piece of polyethylene, cotton buds, a piece of leather of the same color as on the product (for repairing tears) skin glue; rag and alcohol - for degreasing.

Before using the product, make sure that it suits you. Put a little putty on an invisible area, and see if the skin has darkened, then the tool should not be used.

Putty application for skin

· Before using this professional product, prepare the surface of the product.

· Remove any dust and dirt, wipe dry, treat with anti-silicone agent, if silicone-based products were used on the skin, and clean damaged areas.

· Then degrease the surface of the repaired area with a cloth moistened with alcohol.

· If there are tears, glue the patch from a piece of thin skin or fabric under them so that it is not noticeable. Apply glue to the skin on the tip of the toothpick, smear the patch from the inside and the edges of the repaired area, gently holding the torn area of ​​the skin with tweezers.

· Then apply the putty in a thin layer, with a spatula or putty knife in the direction of scratches, evenly distribute. Apply several layers, layer by layer, as the putty shrinks. Remove excess paste and press firmly so that the putty is evenly distributed. Between the layers four to six hours of drying should take place, depending on the temperature, to obtain a qualitative effect.

· If the damage is minor, blow dry with a hairdryer, if coarse, allow the repaired area to dry for three hours.

· Carefully inspect the product, if there are any putty leftovers, they can be removed with sandpaper, moistened with water first.

· After all the manipulations carried out, you can continue to work with the product. The surface turned out to be heterogeneous in color, the next stage of restoration is painting.

Putty for leather in our online store is presented in two colors: white and black. We also offer you a large palette of paints and varnish for the restoration of leather and suede. Be sure to use the same series of products to prevent unwanted chemical reactions. Remember that the chemical composition of putty, liquid skin, paint and varnish from one manufacturer, for example Kolorstar, are suitable for each other, and one product complements another.

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Putty for leather white

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Putty for leather black
Putty for leather black

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