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Paint for glass, ceramic, Plexiglas

Paint for glass, ceramic, Plexiglas

Water, acrylic paint for glass, ceramics, Plexiglas TM Kolorstar used for economical dyeing of the glass outside and inside pneumatic spraying.

The main area of application is solid (not transparent) staining of inserts for interior doors, furniture facades, sliding door wardrobes, office partitions, glass furniture.

Get the paintwork responds well to mechanical stress, for example, removal of decorative coatings on the pattern, sand blasted, leaves a very smooth border while sanding the edges of the glass.

Decorative property:

Kolorstar glass paint has a wide variety of colors according to the RAL international catalog of shades presented on the website.

Production is ready material for creation of a color smooth covering on glass or a decorative covering with textural effects: chemical etching, sandblasting, frost effect.

Technical parameters:

The dry residue of 30-40% by weight

Density (specific weight) of 1.04-1.19 kg/liter

Viscosity (DIN 4 at 20 °C) 60-140 sec

The flow rate of 15-25 ml/m2

The stability of the wet film to 160 µm

Gloss level 25-30.e.

Diluent Water

Hazard class No

Technological properties:

Paint for glass surfaces Kolorstar requires preliminary preparation. In the prepared, thoroughly mixed paint before the process itself is introduced a special hardener for glass in an amount of 2-3% by weight of the base paint (supplied with the finished paint). The life time of the prepared mixture is 8-10 hours.

Special attention should be paid to cleaning and degreasing the glass. Glass staining is made by pneumatic spray, the recommended thickness of the wet film is 100-120 microns in one layer.

Drying acrylic coating at a temperature of 60°C is 1.5–2 hours, after cooling the colored glass is ready for further processing or storage.

It is allowed to dry colored glass at room temperature (20°C), then the time before storage: 2-3 days, depending on the relative humidity and thickness of the paint.

Acrylic paint on glass-water, when painting and drying does not emit harmful and flammable substances, fire and explosion-proof. The tool and equipment from acrylic paint is washed with water or a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol.

There are times when it is difficult to choose the right shade, then we work with specific samples of products where it is really difficult to get into the right tone. If necessary, help in the selection of the desired color or take on the painting is not dimensional glass products, glass, Plexiglas!

Working with samples and creating a color that is not in the catalog is an additional service, as it requires time, skill, patience and additional materials. Getting into the color of the sample is good at 80-90% and excellent at 90-100%. The cost of the service-250 UAH from each sample, but if you still can not make the right shade, (it is extremely rare) we return half the cost of the service.

Instructions for use:

1. Preparation of glass

Before painting the surface of the glass should be cleaned and degreased suitable for this traditional household cleaners for glass. After the use of special tools, the glass is washed with plenty of warm water and dried. Areas of glass that do not require painting, it is necessary to protect the painting tape or stencils.

2. Paint preparation

The second component - hardener-is introduced into the paint in a ratio of 60 ml.hardener 1 liter of paint. After mixing the components, the glass paint is suitable for painting not more than 10 hours, after this period the paint not to use. To reduce the viscosity of the paint, if required, use purified water is not recommended to add water more than 5%. When window tint (translucent paint) paint should be filtered through a 25-50 micron filter, with usual paint - 100-150 microns.

3. Colouring of glass, frosting and tinting of glasses

Coloring is made at the temperature of glass, paint and painting equipment not less than 18°C, relative humidity 50-80%. Recommended spraying parameters: operating pressure of 2-3 ATM., the size of the nozzle 1.6-2.0 mm.

Painting (painting) of glass is carried out in one layer, the recommended thickness of 80-120 microns. Placement of glass is possible both horizontally and vertically. An additional coat may be required to achieve more intense colouring, but only after the first coat has dried completely.

4. Drying of the painted glass

Drying of painted glass is carried out in the temperature range from 50 to 80°C at a relative humidity of 50-80%, the drying time is from 1 to 2 hours. Can be used as convective and infrared drying.

If the paint coating on the glass does not require high rates of adhesion and moisture resistance, it is also allowed to dry at room temperature 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 50-80%, the drying time is:

• dust drying, "on tack" – 2 hours

* up to 24 hours of protective film application and stacking

* for machining-3 days

* before exposure to water and negative temperatures-5 days

• complete polymerization of the paint coating after 7 days 

5. Warehousing and transportation

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