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Whatever the object of the interior, it gives the home not only practicality and convenience, but also serves as a worthy decorative element. Carpets in the house create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, but that they always had an attractive appearance for them to properly and timely care. After all, every day they gather dust, animal hair, a variety of pollution and accumulate unpleasant odors. To keep the carpet clean and help cleaning carpets, you can buy that You will be able in this catalog.

If contamination of the carpet is not amenable to the action of a vacuum cleaner, everyone is looking for a reliable cleaner for cleaning carpets. Choose the best option means for carpets is not difficult, the main thing to know the type of carpet.

Most Housewives pay special attention to health, so looking for the best carpet cleaner that would be harmless and safe. 

Online store Kolorstar offers a wide range of high-quality cleaning products for carpets and furniture. So, you can buy carpet cleaner in online store Kolorstar in these names:

* Sprays for carpets. They are considered one of the most convenient methods of cleaning carpets from heavy pollution and old stains. It is only necessary to spray the spray on the contaminated area, wait a bit and the contamination is easily wiped off.

* Foam for carpets. This is a great way to clean the carpet, foam collects all the dust and dirt, then it is necessary to vacuum the carpet or wash the foam with water and dates carpet dry.

* Shampoos for carpets. This type for motor vehicles is used not only for spots, and legacy contaminants, but also for ezhednevnoj wet cleaning and care of carpeted floors.

* Stain removers for carpets. This is one of the most powerful means to combat pollution and old stains on carpets. 

But do not forget about the need to care for your iron, because it is used almost every day. Therefore, everyone who wants to have always beautiful and uncontaminated clothes needs to buy an iron cleaner.

Want a tool for cleaning iron buy in online store Кolorstar? We offer you a huge variety of types of cleaning products for iron. So, here you can buy a pencil for cleaning iron, liquid iron cleaner, as well as special capsules for cleaning iron.

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Means "Housewife" for cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture, suede

Anyone who has carpets, carpet, dense fabric covers often faced with the issue of cleaning them. And..


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Cinderella tool for cleaning carpets with antimolnym effect!
Cinderella tool for cleaning carpets with antimolnym effect!

Everyone who has carpets often faced with the issue of cleaning them. And not always at hand there i..


Cinderella for cleaning irons - a means of economy class!

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Pencil for iron cleaning Magic

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Лидер продаж!
Pencil for professional iron cleaning "Diaz"
Pencil for professional iron cleaning "Diaz"

Pencil "Diaz" - an effective tool for instant removal of plaque, carbon, starch and various fibers f..


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