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LIQUID LEATHER - Putty for the skin

Putty for the skin - liquid skin. How much in common for these names, but differ only in that the putty on the color is white and after it you need paint for the skin, and liquid skin is black and it is desirable to use a varnish-fixer. All the rest is the same! This has its pros and cons.

For example, usually manufacturers of liquid skin make it in a limited number of colors. As a rule, only the most popular ones. And what to do to those who have a product with a rare and little common color? Liquid skin has another significant disadvantage: its color after coating may not coincide with the shade of the product and what then? In addition, not all paint for the skin, even if you find the right tone, which is also not always easy, will be able to qualitatively converge with their other composition.

By purchasing shpaklevku and liquid skin tm Kolorstar you are guaranteed to get away from these pitfalls! Manufacturers have tried to create chemical compounds of putty, paint and varnish for the skin suitable and complementing each other! You do not have to look for a suitable paint and color after repairing the product, and also think about whether everything will converge. And most importantly - all in one place!

Putty TM Kolorstar-a professional tool for repairing cracked or worn skin. This product is designed to remove scratches and scuffs from the surface of pigmented skin. Regenerating paste is a soft adhesive product that fills the damaged skin with its volume. It is especially effective for repair of skin areas with several small cuts such as "stairs". After drying, this place is flexible and hard to see on the background intact skin.

Preliminary check: 

Check this product in the closed area of the product for darkening of the treated area of the skin. If the skin darkens, then to apply the remedy should not be. 

Restoration of the wiped area:

With a small spatula or spatula, apply the repair paste to the repair area, scratch or abrasion preferably in its direction. After filling scratches, to give this place a better appearance it is useful to lightly press it in the direction opposite to the direction of the paste. to" lay " scratches in their natural position. Remove excess paste immediately. No big damage can be dried with a hair dryer. Significant defects must be dried with a hair dryer within 3 hours!  

It is also effective for large damages (deep continuous cuts, through burns, etc.) putty is applied in several layers with intermediate natural drying for 4-6 hours until a flat surface is formed. Easy to paint and adds a new look (professional paint for any leather color are also invited to our TM) will save your finances in the restoration and colouring of leather furniture, auto showrooms, clothing, and shoes, etc. Packing 25 grams. Volume: 500 – 1000 sq cm

Several layers are applied due to the fact that the putty subsides. Each subsequent coat is applied after the final drying of the previous coat. If eventually the excess putty on a product was formed, it is necessary to clean it with sandpaper 600,800 preliminary having moistened it with water. After the product is ready for further processing!

The putty itself is pale milky or transparent-colorless, so to achieve the desired shade, use a wide palette of colors for the skin. If necessary, we will take on the restoration and painting is not dimensional products of leather and leatherette!

In the COLOR category, select the desired shade of paint, paint your thing and it Will serve you for a long time!

The use of paints from other manufacturers with this tool-not desirable!