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Paint for leather products

Each of us has a favorite thing that looks a bit shabby. There are worn and faded places on it. It doesn’t look very good, but throwing it away is a pity. Give a second life to your favorite things. After painting with professional Kolorstar paint, your old leather jacket, boots, or bag will become like new. Kolorstar leather paint will help restore the product, give it a durable and reliable coating, resistance to natural changes, natural color and the preservation of texture. Buy paint for leather products Kolorstar, and you will be convinced of its quality and durability for many years.

In this section, we offer you universal means for restoration, painting and color updating of products from different materials: leather, leatherette, suede and nubuck, aniline, wood, glass and glass ceramics, various types of fabrics, things made of rubber, PVC, etc. Such funds ideal when applying a stencil to create a pattern, ornament, etc. We are interested in a good result of painting the skin, we guarantee you safety and quality of the goods.

Kolorstar professional paint is suitable for both workshop and home use. With this paint you can restore color or change it dramatically. You can paint with a spray gun, soft brush, sponge or airbrush. Easy to use, the paint penetrates deeply into the structure of the material without disturbing its pigmentation. Reconstructed leather and leatherette products become resistant to moisture and more resistant to wear. When using a primer, liquid putty, liquid paint for the skin, varnish, you can restore the product from smooth skin. Kolorstar leather dye has breathable properties that repel moisture and extend the life of your item.

If you decide to restore your shoes with Kolorstar paint, you can be calm, if rain or snow gets on the product, there will be no stains and stains. The texture of leather and leatherette products will remain unchanged, and things will retain their pristine strength and softness.

Using the means of the Kolorstar brand, you have the opportunity to restore clothes: jackets, jackets, leather coats; shoes: shoes, boots. And also to return the original look to the leather interiors of cars, furniture, favorite accessories and haberdashery, such as belts and gloves. Our online store can offer you color restoration products for leather, leatherette, aniline, suede, nubuck, wood, glass and glass ceramics, various types of fabrics, things made of rubber, PVC and thin plastisol.

We have liquid putty available, which repairs and corrects various flaws - scratches, punctures, evens out small cracks, and removes damage to leather products and leatherette. Our professional craftsmen will help you choose the right color and shade from our huge collection, and give the product a rich tone. We will take into account any of your wishes, provide professional advice and detailed instructions for use. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it before applying the paint in order to avoid technical errors, and get the expected result. Do not rush to part with the old, but such a beloved and convenient thing, with Kolorstar funds, you can update it and return it to its original form.