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Paint for smooth suede and nubuck

Paint for smooth suede and nubuck

Nowadays, the paint for suede and nubuck is an important material for professionals engaged in the restoration of products from suede and nubuck. Entirely clear that any expert values its customers, therefore, the paint picks up the quality!

Where today to find really high-quality paint for such delicate things as suede and nubuck, or aniline skin? After all, these materials are so delicate that even those paints that are offered on the market (usually in cylinders) are not always give a good effect. And this is understandable, because they are designed for surface color and beauty and often poorly withstand the load such as friction, moisture resistance, etc. Today, out of an abundance not just to find and choose really high-quality paint work in the workshops or in the tailoring and manufacture of clothing.

Manufacturers have worked on the properties and concentration of our paint having treated it evenly and covering all defects: stains, scuffs, etc. After painting products paint TM Kolorstar material retains achieve escape as soft and the tenacity.

The range of colors of paints is very huge! By mixing is obtained any shade you need, and even easier to choose the desired color in the collection posted on the site. 

For more efficient work and obtain excellent results paint TM Kolorstar is issued in special sets. You don't think what and how to prepare the surface than to strengthen and enhance the properties of paint, the set includes: a means for pre-purification, the paint and special varnish-a top coat to enhance the wear resistance and water repellency effect. That way You get persistent and protected from any inclement weather coating that will give a second life to Your things. 

How it works:

Deeply penetrates into the structure of the surface, effectively paints and repaints the upper layer of the material. It is characterized by high resistance to climatic influences. Repels water. Suitable for applying drawings and stencils. Not suitable for noob suede or nubuck, recommended for use only on smooth materials!  

Paint consumption:

Consumption of paint for suede and nubuck TM Kolorstar is similar to the consumption of paint for leather and leatherette as everything comes from the same manufacturer!

Advise and help in choosing the right shade, and also work with specific color samples where to pick up the tone is really difficult! 

Working with samples and creating a color that is not in the catalog is an additional service, as it requires time, skill, patience and additional materials. Getting into the color of the sample is good at 80-90% and excellent at 90-100%. The cost of the service-250 UAH from each sample, but if you still can not make the right shade, (it is extremely rare) we return half the cost of the service.

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