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The use of glue for skin repair

Leather is one of the most sought after and high quality materials. Each of us at home has some kind of leather goods: jackets, belts, bags, shoes, etc. Over time, these things wear out and tear. In this case, it is necessary to put a patch or glue, it all depends on the degree of wear. Many do not want to go to a leather repair shop, and try to pick up glue on their own. But not all adhesives are suitable for gluing the skin, if you pick up the adhesive unsuccessfully, the skin after repair will become rougher, become brittle, and will not perform its functions. The material will be irreparably damaged, new cracks and breaks will appear. When choosing glue, be sure to read the instructions, and strictly adhere to the recommendations to get the expected result.

There are two types of bonding leather products cold and hot. Follow the instructions to get the desired result. Leather is a material that sticks well, and with small defects, you can do without sewing.

Leather repair

In order to start repairing your leather product, prepare all the necessary materials: glue (  can be found on our website), sharp scissors, a piece of leather of a suitable color, solvent, a hard-bristled brush , leather paint or shoe cream to match the color of the product.

When carrying out repairs, follow these recommendations:

  • To begin, turn the product inside out;
  • Find the damaged area and degrease it with solvent, for high-quality bonding;
  • Take a pre-prepared piece of skin for the patch, make sure that it covers the surface of the damaged area on both sides;
  • Apply glue to the patch and surface of the product, thoroughly coat;
  • Let the first layer dry;
  • Apply a second layer of glue, and also leave to dry;
  • Start gluing the surfaces: first glue the patch on one of the sides of the damaged area, then do the same with the second area;
  • Firmly press the glued part of the product and hold for several minutes;
  • Turn the product to the front side, bending the patch along the gap so that the edges diverge slightly;
  • In the resulting hole, apply a little glue, fasten the two edges and glue the skin to the skin;
  • Smooth the restored product on a flat surface and press down the glued area with something heavy, leave to dry for a day;
  • Then treat the glued area with shoe cream of a suitable color;
  • If you unstuck the lining of the product, then sew it.

In the modern market of adhesives, manufacturers offer a wide range of products designed to work and repair leather. Axfixer universal adhesive designed specifically for bonding various materials: leather, leatherette, nubuck, etc.