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Adhesive for ceramics - restoration assistance

Restoration of ceramic products with glue

Surely many of you have porcelain figurines, ceramic souvenirs left over from your beloved grandmother or aunt at home. Such products are valuable and become more and more valuable every year. The downside of such things is that they are fragile. One careless movement, and you will have to pick up pieces of the product. If this does happen, do not rush to get upset - everything can be fixed with Axfixer ceramic adhesive. This universal glue is suitable for gluing products from different materials, you can "save" your things from ceramics, porcelain, faience.

Restoration of favorite things

Repairing cracked and broken pottery, porcelain and earthenware is easy if you have quality glue you can trust.

· Before proceeding with the restoration of a ceramic product, be sure to make sure that it is clean, and if there is any contamination, wash it with soapy water, carefully wearing rubber gloves, so as not to get hurt. After that, put it on a piece of cloth and let it dry thoroughly, ceramics is a porous material, and moisture can linger in cracks and chips. However, do not dry the product with a towel, as the fluff may remain and mix with the glue.

· Then collect the large pieces of the product first, and only then the smaller ones, it is convenient to fold them with tweezers. If the product has already been restored before, then use a solvent or alcohol solution to remove the remnants of the old glue, and at the same time degrease.

· After drying, pre-assemble the pieces of ceramic and see how to glue them. Then apply a thin layer of glue with a brush, press down and let it dry. After five to ten minutes, apply the glue, press firmly until it “grabs”, then remove the remnants of the glue with a paper towel and leave the product to dry completely. After fully bonding, touch up with acrylic paints if necessary.

Where to buy quality glue

If you break or have a porcelain cup or ceramic jug accidentally dropped on the floor, do not rush to throw them away, restoration at home with a new product from Kolorstar will return your clothes to their previous look, and they will delight you with their beauty for a long time. Glue for ceramic, porcelain and earthenware products Axfixer glue, you can order in the Kolorstar store, at an affordable price. Contact us by phone indicated in the contacts on the website, or place an order online. With Axfixer ceramic adhesive, your clothes will look like new.