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Leather care paint

Leather is a unique and multifaceted material (granular leather, suede, nubuck, aniline leather), which is interesting to work with. But in order to get the final result, the skin needs to go through a number of different processing processes. In order to be able to work with the skin, you need to give it elasticity, strength, softness. Over time, during use, leather products partially lose these properties, but they can be restored. With proper skin care, products from this unique material will last you a long time. Skin paint in Ukraine will become for you one of such simple but effective assistants in the care and restoration of your favorite leather items. Professional skin paints are used in production, and at home, for repair, restoration, and simply care for leather things. Skin paint can be applied to the product partially or completely. It all depends on the degree of deterioration of your bags, shoes, boots, sofas, jackets and other leather items.

Skin paint has the following properties:

  • Easy to apply with a sponge or brush (no special tools required)
  • It is well ground
  • It is well absorbed, penetrating deep into the structure of the material
  • Protects the skin from the effects of external natural and domestic factors
  • Promotes material wear resistance
  • Provides breathability (skin breathes)
  • Has adhesive properties
  • Dries quickly

All these properties are necessary to extend the life of leather products.

Before painting a leather product, be sure to make the right choice of dye color by testing it on an invisible area. And remember, the final result of the color is visible only when the paint is completely dry. Dry the product at home using a regular hair dryer. And the painting is best divided into several stages, slowly and evenly and accurately painting all areas of the product and drying them. This method will give you the opportunity to remove all defects from a leather product. If necessary, repeat these steps several times to obtain the desired effect.

Properly selected components of skin paints in Ukraine, the necessary concentration help to properly cover (evenly and efficiently) the surface of a leather product, hiding cracks, scratches, abrasions. After drying, high-quality paints give the effect of good elasticity, the product does not crack, even with strong stretching. A wide palette of modern paints makes it possible to choose the right color and shade of paint for the skin.