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Repair and painting of leather jackets

Your leather jacket will also inevitably affect both the time and the negative impact of the environment, which will cause rough edges on the jacket, possibly punctures, scratches and other flaws. You can take your jacket to the workshop, where it will be painted by specialists, and you can do it in the home. The costs will be in both cases. In the first, of course, you need to pay for the painting with the dry cleaners, given their time, efforts and material, in the second one will have to expend their own strength and time. In the financial ratio, the second method will become more economical, but of course only you will be able to choose.

How to dye a leather jacket?

       So, a few words about how to properly paint a leather jacket at home, as for a trip to the salon engaged in painting jackets do not need any strategy for action.

       If your jacket has not acquired the most marketable appearance, then it must be put in order. The skin of the jacket can be dyed in various ways: with a soft brush or micro-gun, or even with an airbrush. It all depends on what you have or what you can buy. An obligatory remedy that you must have at hand is a paralon sponge, which is necessary before the painting begins and during it.

       First of all, before the procedure for painting your jacket, you need to prepare a workplace. In the hands of the thing is best not to keep for reasons of convenience, but the horizontal surface is not the best way out, because the jacket can wither not completely dyed.

       It is recommended that you put your leather jacket on hangers, which are suitable for this task best. The jacket needs to be hung, so that the folds do not interfere with the whole process. And the edges are better off from the floor to prevent wiping the bottom of the jacket. We look at the general condition. If the jacket is damaged for example, punctures, scratches, wiped places or burns, it is recommended to liquidate them with liquid skin before painting. To do this, it is necessary to degrease and clean the surface (as it should be done correctly) and apply a putty with an ordinary small spatula or spatula. Remove the surplus immediately. No more damage can be dried with a hair dryer. Significant defects should be dried with a hair dryer for three hours.

How to use putty?

      For large damages the puttying is applied in several layers with an intermediate natural drying of 4-6 hours, until a flat surface is formed. Several layers are applied due to the fact that it sags. Each subsequent layer is applied after the final drying of the previous one. If in the end a surplus is formed, then it is necessary to remove it with emery paper 600, 800, previously wetting it in water. The repair process is over! The jacket is ready for painting!

       If you paint with a brush, then its surface should be carefully lubricated with alcohol with a sponge for good degreasing and eliminating dust and dirt. Next, wipe the whole surface of the jacket with a brush, touching all its component parts: pockets, a hood, a collar and wait until it all dries. Then pour your dye in the saucer, where it is easiest to remove. Do not forget that painting a leather jacket is a matter of detail and does not require haste.

        It is also important to remember that for different skin types, surface sizes are suitable for various coloring agents. They can be: ordinary cream paints, sprays, liquid dyes or aerosols. However, the latter are too impulsive and prone to splashing, so it's best to use Kolorstar TM paint that will not only paint your jacket, but also clean it from the old paint or cream, grease and dirt. In addition, the paint tm Kolorstar will help the jacket in its overall durability, provide a pleasant appearance and significantly increase its service life.

  The paint is scooped up, and the brush is smeared in it. Next, you need to apply the paint evenly

 all the surface without affecting only snakes and buttons. To update the paint is best to lay one coat of paint. For better painting, at least two layers of paint should be placed every 40-45 minutes at room temperature. Under such conditions, a leather jacket can be painted much more qualitatively.

       Apply the coloring agent evenly. Carefully follow the process to avoid ink stains. However, if all the shades have appeared, gently wipe them with a sponge. In no event should one forget about the collar and underarms of the jacket, where often unnecessary paint dries.

       When finished painting, leave your jacket for a couple of hours to dry the paint and when you return - everything will be ready and your leather jacket will be ready for use.

       Remember that if you wanted to paint a leather jacket with aerosol - do it only in the fresh air, according to the instructions and only in the mask-respirator, which will not let you inhale harmful vapors. In doing so, spray the paint at a distance of 20-25 cm from the jacket and do not spray it too much.