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Restoration of leather furniture

Many owners of leather furniture were faced with the fact that on such things after a while defects appear: scratches, cracks, scuffs and other signs of wear, especially if the house has pets and small children. Previously, such signs of deterioration were eliminated by patching, with a piece of similar material, and in case of serious damage they made the constriction of the entire sofa. Nowadays, modern manufacturers offer us a wide range of products for restoring leather products, and the most effective of them is liquid skin. This tool can be used in ordinary domestic conditions, it can also be used for leatherette, eco leather, vinyl and other materials, only to eliminate minor damage.

The composition and properties of the product

The composition of liquid skin includes water, alcohol, rubber resin, dye. The mixture of the components of this product when applied to the skin forms an elastic base, is well absorbed and fixed on the material, preserving its properties. After applying liquid skin, the repaired area looks perfect, and visually the surface of the product looks like new.

How to choose a paint color

A modern tool - liquid skin is available in a wide range of colors, you can easily choose the color and shade you need to restore your furniture and other things. If you need some unique color, you can safely mix several colors during the work, a paint mixing table is included in the paint sets. In order not to get an unexpected result, be sure to follow the instructions in the attached instructions for the tool.

Where to start repairing a leather sofa:

  • To begin, clean the surface of the repaired area;
  • Then degrease it with a detergent, and dry thoroughly;
  • Choose the right color;
  • If there are damages in the form of cuts and large cracks on the sofa, use a liquid putty;
  • On the already prepared surface of the sofa, apply a layer of liquid leather gently with a foam rubber sponge or brush;
  • Align the mixture gently with a spatula or other flat object;
  • Wait for the product to dry;
  • Apply another coat and let it dry. After applying the second layer, the sofa will look like new.

Liquid leather is a new generation quality tool for the reconstruction of various leather products: shoes, clothes, leather accessories, leather furniture. Also, using this tool, you can restore the leather interior of your car.

Liquid skin has several advantages:

  • Easy to use, you can easily cope with it at home;
  • Fits well on leather;
  • Dries quickly;
  • You can easily choose the color, and if you make a mistake wash off within fifteen minutes after application;
  • The tool well restores the original shape of the product, due to its properties: strength and elasticity;
  • It is well absorbed into the structure of the material and counteracts its further delamination;
  • Withstands temperature extremes;
  • The product is safe for human health, as it does not contain harmful components;
  • Extends product life for a long time.