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Restoration of leather products with paint for leather Kolorstar

How to paint your favorite leather bag, covers in the car salon, boots or shoes? Trying to find the answer could be forever, if he had not been in the public eye for a long time. To solve these problems, professional paint for Kolorstar skin is ideal. It can be used for both natural cover and for a substitute, which makes it indispensable in all cases means. It is worth noting and the fact that in the process of applying to artificial materials, it shows itself only from the best side, without destroying the surface, without creating stains, unevennesses and other sins on it.

This product has a number of positive properties, thanks to which, and won the mass consumer love. Among them - the reliability of the coating, the flexibility and strength of the layer, the reproduction of natural shades with the preservation of texture, as well as resistance to changes in temperature and humidity. Due to such a unique set of properties, durability in the use of the product is guaranteed, as well as the safety of its appearance.

If you take into consideration all the characteristics and properties, the conclusion suggests that Kolorstar skin paint is the ideal material in case you have decided to change the color of your product or restore its original appearance. The wide variety of methods of application of a material on a surface - an atomizer, a foam rubber sponge, a soft brush or a aerograph also amazes.

Apply skin paints

Before starting the process of skin treatment with Kolorstar skin, degrease should be carried out using, for example, alcohol. The material consumption will depend directly on the absorbency and color of the surface. That is why it is almost impossible to establish the exact amount of material required. In order to avoid unforeseen situations, always have a stock. When it comes to products whose surface is dark, for example, brown or black, then 40 grams of material will be consumed per square meter in two layers. Application can be done with a soft brush. If we are talking about light colors, then the flow can be increased by 50%. For better application, use foam rubber or a high quality sprayer. The work of an airbrush or an atomizer allows for a more uniform application, but at the same time the consumption increases, since the Kolorstar skin paint simply goes into the air.

If it is necessary to paint the skin, which has been repeatedly treated with various impregnations and creams, it is first necessary to clean the surface with a solution of laundry soap.

For particularly worn spots on the product and gloss, a varnish can be used together with the paint, which will help increase the strength of the layer and increase the water repellent effect. Such manipulations are typical for the restoration of shoes and bags. To select the desired shade, use the Ral color catalog on the main page in the PAINT Category

This manufacturer received a lot of positive feedback from experts, as well as from ordinary users. The effect of its application is noticeable immediately, since the products are transformed almost instantly by restoring the color. The great advantage is the preservation of the original texture of the material. This means that, for example, the jacket will not look like plastered, all the irregularities, furrows and so on will remain under the layers of the applied coating. Such an effect is a great rarity, therefore the use of this particular manufacturer is recommended by specialists!