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Shoe painting of suede or nubuck

You recently bought stylish boots or shoes with a nubuck, blamed quite a bit, accidentally fell into the rain and suddenly ........... They rubbed, the top cover will gnaw, although they are still practically new ...... If you can not return them back to the store or arrange for repairs, do not be sad, there is still the opportunity to re-feel fashionable!

Professional paint for suede and nubuck Kolorstar will help you to cope with the problem not only boots, but also sheepskin coats, handbags, purses, clutches, purses, etc., because such a situation unfortunately can comprehend any thing. What to do, you ask?

 So in order:

1) Acquire industrial paint for suede and nubuck Kolorstar in the online store kolorstar.com

2) Clean, grease and color your boots according to the instructions

3) Let dry the paint and be sure to fix the result with a lacquer-fixer for suede and nubuck Kolorstar

You will be pleasantly surprised when you see your boots again completely new and stylish! In this case, after painting with this paint, you can safely wear them in any weather, subject them to any loads and rest assured - due to its high wear resistance and strengthened fixer, it will not let you down!

Enjoy comfortable use of quality materials and you can always find a way out even in the most desperate for other situations. At the same time, your budget will not suffer much, as required by various other options!