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How to properly dye the fabric

Dye for fabric universal:

The composition of the sachet is poured into a small vessel, add 1 tablespoon of detergent and mix 0.5 l of hot water while stirring. Solution with dye poured into dishes for staining with water approximately 8-10 liters add 2-3 tablespoons of the kitchen salt and warm to 50-60 * C. Usually use a bucket or a wide basin. A washed and damp material is immersed in the painting solution. With occasional stirring, the solution is slowly warmed to 80 ° C or brought to a boil and dyed at this temperature for 1 hour. After this, the heating is stopped and the color is continued to stir for another 30 minutes in the cooling solution. When the solution cools down to 40-50 * C the product is removed, rinsed well in warm water, squeezed and dried.

If the material contains a significant amount of wool, then 30 minutes after the beginning of staining, add a half glass of vinegar to the solution.

Products made of nylon and other synthetic materials paint at a temperature of 70-80 * C without boiling. The rest of the materials are dyed with a weak boiling.

The same process of painting can be done also in the washing machine. The results will be excellent and you do not have to stir the solution all the time and generally monitor the process!

The dye perfectly colors cotton, linen, wool, natural silk, kapron and acetate silk. Poorly paints fibers from lavsan and nitron.

Kolorstar - paint for fabric, suede, nubuck:

1) Use in a washing machine: dissolve the contents of the package in 0.5 l of hot water, add 2 tablespoons of salt. Pour the solution into the washing machine and put a clean thing. Set the wash mode to 1-1.5 hours with the maximum temperature for your products. The painted thing should be rinsed in cold water with the addition of 200 g of vinegar. Rinse again in clean water. The painting is complete!

To thoroughly clean the machine after staining, it is recommended to add 150 g of bleach or 25-50 g of citric acid in the rinse mode. After that, wipe with a dry rag rubber in the car. Paint does not harm your washing machine!

2) Use in manual mode: dissolve the contents of the package in 0.5 liters of hot water, add 5 tablespoons of salt. Pour the solution into a spacious container with warm water for 5-15 liters. The amount of water must match the size of the thing. Place the clean product in a container and bring to a boil. Dye, stirring, for 1 hour on low heat. The painted product should be cooled to room temperature, then rinsed in cold water, adding 200 g of vinegar. Rinse again in clean water!

3) Method of painting of non-standard products: collect water as hot as possible to the material of the product in a container commensurate with the coloring of the thing, dissolve the dye soaking the product for 30-60 minutes. Add a tablespoon of salt. The product must be rinsed in this solution so that the paint is distributed evenly. After painting, rinse the thing in water with vinegar to fix the color. The painting is complete!