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Creative experiments with fabric dyes

Denim is a universal material, the clothes of which will always be fashionable and relevant. Jeans products you can watch plain, with transitions, patterns, different shades, scuffs, etc. If you are tired of your plain denim pants or shorts, you can try transforming them at home, using fabric dyes and other improvised means. At home, with your own hands you can do the original thing, just the one you like. If you are afraid to spoil a product, for a start train on old unnecessary trousers.

How to make jeans at home

Many of us remember the once fashionable jeans-dumplings. Fashion, as you know, is returning, and it will not be difficult for you to make them yourself. With bleach, an enameled basin and a stove. Feel free to experiment with any color of jeans: blue, red, green, black.

Dilute the bleach in a basin with water, and place it on the included stove. Thoroughly twist the jeans into one large bundle, secure with threads or elastic bands, and leave in that condition. Twist as you like, at your discretion. Thanks to this, the jeans will get a different original pattern.

Put the thing in the basin with the solution, and boil for about fifteen minutes, pressing the pants so that they do not float, otherwise the pattern will turn out to be uneven.

Then take out the jeans and dry them in a natural way - hang them on a rope, fixing them with clothespins. After drying, you will see what an interesting pattern it turned out.

Creative ideas with aniline paint

Embody your creativity with aniline fabric dyes. Such fabric dyes have been popular for many years. At first, the paints were produced in the form of powder, they were quickly washed off and burned out in the sun. Modern aniline fabric dyes have been improved. They are not afraid of light and resistant to washing, and are also available in the form of a liquid. Such paints are quite accessible to the buyer, they can be found in shops for creativity, in the economic departments of supermarkets and in online stores. Liquid paints for the fabric should be applied with a natural pile brush, as they have a soft texture.

Aniline liquid paint has the ability to spread well on the fabric, which makes it possible to get an interesting color transition and original design. Aniline-based liquid paint is suitable for different types of fabrics.

Jeans decoration

If you don’t want to radically change the color of the product, but simply “revive” it a little, try to realize your ideas with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint penetrates well into the fibers of the fabric, soaking them, does not wash off after frequent washing, and also does not fade. It is good to mix different colors with such a paint to get different shades. Brushes for decor with acrylic paints are better to choose with synthetic bristles, they should be of different densities and different sizes.

Before applying the picture to the fabric with acrylic paint, the thing needs to be washed, dried and ironed. Lay out the product evenly and gently pull the place of painting. For convenience, fasten the jeans with masking tape so that the fabric does not “ride” and you get an even pattern. In order not to stain the rest of the surface, cover it with something tight.

The decor on jeans will last long if the paint is applied in a thin layer. You can also use special stencils for painting fabrics, or make them yourself using thick paper or cardboard.

To begin with, with a pencil and a carbon seamstress, put a sketch of the pattern on the fabric (such materials do not leave marks on the fabric). Try different colors on an unnecessary piece of fabric. Start drawing with outlines. Work with a thin brush, choosing light tones of paint, step by step moving to dark. Acrylic dries quickly enough, so if you use several shades of the same color, apply the paint faster, the shades naturally overlap, leaving no sharp differences between them.

After the painting is completed, allow the product to dry for about fifteen hours. Next, turn the thing inside out and iron it, slowly, for several minutes. Then, do the same with the front side of the jeans, just iron the picture through a piece of fabric. It is recommended to wash jeans decorated with acrylic paints on a delicate wash, in cool water, with a light extraction, and without the use of bleaches.

Do not be afraid to experiment using different types of paints, and you will get an original thing made according to your own design.