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Paint for suede products

Suede items are very popular among people all over the world, stylish and original, they look very impressive. But unfortunately, all things lose their original appearance over time, wear and tear appear, the color fades, and your shoes, bag or jacket do not look so bright and spectacular anymore. You need to buy paint for Kolorstar suede. With which at home you can restore your favorite thing from suede. To achieve the expected result, you need to adhere to a certain technology for using suede paint.

Suede color

The first thing to do is to choose the right color for painting. Today, modern paint manufacturers offer us a huge palette of a wide variety of colors and shades. Water-based paints of the new generation are resistant to fading and brightness. They include special additives that improve the penetration of the dye into the structure of the material. If there is no shade, try mixing several colors. It is possible to paint over old paint if you choose the right shade. To do this, you need to purchase white and black base paints in order to achieve the desired shade. Only add paint a little, so as not to spoil the thing. If you decide to radically change the color, test it carefully in a hidden place. The final result will be visible after complete drying.

Before painting the product from suede, be sure to clean it from dirt and dust with a special metal brush, the surface of the material should be clean, dry and with a "combed" pile.

Apply paint to suede products with gloves, a brush or an airbrush, and preferably in a well-ventilated room or outdoors, since suede paints have a pronounced smell that lasts a long time. You should also cover furniture and other items if you are working with aerosol dye for suede, as the paint is applied to the item at a distance of 20-30 cm.

If the surface of the suede product has severe damage, the paint must be applied in several layers. Apply the first coat of paint and let dry completely. Drying time depends on the ambient temperature. It is only necessary to apply each next coat after the previous one dries. On “problematic” areas, apply a layer of paint with a brush, let the paint dry, and then paint the entire surface. If you think that you only need to paint the “problem” areas, then you are mistaken, you will have to paint over the entire product so that the color turns out to be even. After uniform repainting and complete drying of each dye layer, easily comb the product with a metal brush.

Buy suede paint

Suede paint is a must-buy for anyone who values ​​and buys products from this beautiful, sophisticated material. You can update the color of your favorite boots or suede handbags by yourself, at home, using suede paint, following simple rules.

Suede paints will return your item to its original appearance, restore color, and some of them will even give suede a water-repellent effect. High-quality professional dyes for the repair painting of suede are able to extend the life of your belongings without requiring any complicated skills. And the restored thing with your own hands will delight you for a long time.