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Restoration of a leather car interior

Why is leather restoration needed? The skin eventually breaks and cracks. It has the ability to lose its elasticity and dry out. In the summer, the closed car heats up in the sun, the high temperature in the cabin dries the skin, approximately the same thing happens in the winter after turning on the seat heater. As well as temperature changes adversely affect the properties of the material.

In the production of automotive equipment, the leather coating of a car dealership undergoes a series of operations that help withstand loads and extend the life of this product. In order for the material to withstand heavy loads, temperature extremes, it is wear-resistant, the skin is impregnated with special means that repel dirt, coated with putty, which smoothes and removes irregularities, and various polishes and silicones are often added.

Restoring the leather interior of a car:

  • The first thing to do is prepare the leather seats for the application of paint for the skin. To do this, it is necessary to remove the old paint, and to clean the skin, so that fresh paint easily "lays down" on the coating. Quality cleaning is half the repair success. To begin, clean the surface with a brush, remove dirt with a rag or towel. Degrease the surface with a special cleaner. Then remove the old paint with a solvent and sanding felt. Apply the product on a leather coating and wait a few minutes until it begins to act. After that, sand the surface with sandpaper, preferably on a foam basis. Blow out technical holes and dust seams.
  • The second is the restoration of skin elasticity. In production, leather seats for cars are impregnated with special fats, which provides flexibility and softness to the coating. These fats evaporate over time and cracks appear in the bends. If the material is not returned to its previous properties, but immediately dyed, then the skin will continue to crack and break. A set of special moisturizers will allow the skin to restore fatliquoring components, reduce the risk of tearing and provide the necessary protection against early wear, and also protect its physical properties. Special moisturizers smooth wrinkles on the skin, for subsequent effective application of the product with a fatliquoring composition that penetrates deep into the material and lubricates the fibers.
  • First, apply a softener to the leather cover. Cover with a paper towel and wrap in film. You need to wait from half an hour to a day, depending on the condition of the material. To speed up the process and for better impregnation, apply the product from the wrong side, as well as to the cracks. Wait for the skin to dry. To avoid wrinkling on the skin, stretch the material crosswise while it is still wet. On a still wet material, apply a fatliquoring liquid agent, treat it with the wrong side and cracks. To saturate the material well, cover with a paper towel and wrap in film. Drying time from half an hour to a day. After the material has dried, check all areas, if on one of them the skin is not quite soft, repeat the operation again. To give the skin softness, knead it. Wipe off the remaining fat.
  • The third is defect correction. On the leather seat of the car during operation, broken places arise, they need to be impregnated with special impregnation and heated with a hairdryer. When heated, the material is pulled together - the fibers are strengthened and glued together in “problem” places. Hide product defects: scratches, cracks, cuts, a special putty for the skin will help, which must be applied with a thin layer, dried with a hairdryer, and cleaned with sandpaper. If once is not enough, repeat the operation again. If the damage is serious, dry the product naturally.
  • The fourth is a primer. For high-quality connection of solutions, the primer must be applied evenly, and with a thin layer. You can add a little paint to the mixture.
  • Fifth - painting. First, choose the right paint color. Try to apply paint on a small area, dry and see the result. The correct color of the paint is visible only when dry. The color of the paint is still affected by the varnish, which is applied to the surface after painting. Therefore, some colors, depending on the manufacturer, look slightly different. If you paint with a gun, the color may turn out to be a little lighter, pick up a paint darker or mix several shades. It is best to apply automotive paint with a spray gun. During operation, mix the paint well, apply it with a thin layer so that the repainting is uniform. After each coat of paint, dry the leather seats with a hairdryer or lamp. If necessary, after applying each coat of paint, easily sand the surface with sandpaper.
  • Sixth - varnishing. It is recommended to cover the leather seats of a car with varnish using a spray gun. Varnishing should be carried out on the same day with painting, for better bonding of materials. After each applied layer, dry the surface with a hairdryer or a heating lamp. Following this, apply a protective protector to the surface the next day.

Take care of your leather goods, and they will last you a very long time.