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Restoration of leather things

Leather things, regardless of their value, wear out over time during use. Various defects appear: scuffs, scratches, tears. You can update your old things and restore yourself with the help of professional tools, paints for leather products Kolorstar. The paint of the new generation Kolorstar is universal and suitable for leather, suede, nubuck, aniline leather, glass-ceramic, wood, rubber, PVC, etc. After restoration with Kolorstar means, your things will look like new.

To give a second life to old things, you can, also, changing its appearance - come up with your own unique design with Kolorstar skin paint, which will not let you down. After painting, the product has a natural color, the texture is preserved, good breathability and wear resistance. The paint is weather resistant. Over time, it does not peel, does not crack, and the thing does not lose its appearance

How to make an old leather bag original

To get started, try applying paint to a small piece of material to see what happens. You can draw some simple patterns, see how the paint went, and make sure the final result. Do not be afraid to experiment. Let's start with painting. Before painting, it is necessary to degrease the old coating with a special solution so that it is clean and dry, and remove the remnants of wax and skin products, if any. For such operations, as a rule, Kolorstar water-based paint is used, it must be evenly distributed on the surface of the product, applying slowly small strokes. There are several options for painting leather products with design:

  1. Freehand painting, the easiest way. Take brushes with different pile thickness and make small strokes, in this way it is easy to make an abstract picture or patterns, shapes of arbitrary shape, everything your imagination tells you. The drawing will turn out to be natural, and even if you make a mistake, you can fix it by gently wiping the fresh paint with a sponge dampened in a solvent.
  2. The next method using stencils. You can make a stencil yourself from pieces of adhesive tape. With the help of stencils, you have the opportunity to design a picture with multi-colored figures, stripes, patterns of the correct form. Such a picture is applied in three stages: 1) select the desired size of the adhesive tape and make a stencil from it. 2) stick a stencil on the surface of the bag and apply paint. It all depends on your imagination, you can apply shapes of different shapes, colors and shades, changing letters, stripes, flowers, etc. 3) re-apply the paint, and wait until it dries. After applying the next coat of paint, be sure to let it dry completely so that it does not leak. Paint on the skin must be applied in several layers to make the picture colorful and saturated. After the paint has dried, carefully remove the stencil and fix if necessary irregularities with a cotton swab moistened with solvent.
  3. There is a more complex and interesting option for painting bags. You can come up with a complex pattern or ornament. Put the stencil on the surface, paint over the inner pattern, then remove the stencil, and repeat the same thing on the other part of the bag, and so on several times. Thus, an ornament is obtained on the bag. You can also come up with the design of your exclusive bag model, put it on a carbon paper, then transfer the contours of the pattern with a simple pencil. Choose the right paint colors to be applied to the bag.

Regardless of which design option you have chosen, you need to choose high-quality products for painting leather products. Our online store offers a wide range of Kolorstar inks for leather products, so that you create your own designs with your own hands.