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Update leather accessories and clothing

Leather products are very popular all over the world. Beautiful and functional, they will always be in fashion. We buy what we dreamed about. There are a variety of skin options that require special care. Patent leather, porous, husky, velor, suede or nubuck, even with good care, loses its appearance over time. The main thing is not to despair and remember, the service life of a leather product can be extended.

What to do if various defects appear on a leather item: scratches, holes, cracks. You can give a “second life” to your favorite thing with Kolorstar paint. Cuts and holes can be repaired with Kolorstar special putty and patch. Put the patch on the “problem spot” and process it with putty.

There are several types of paints for leather products:

  • acrylic;
  • creamy;
  • aerosol.

Acrylic paints are made on a water basis, and are suitable for the reconstruction of smooth leather, vinyl and nubuck. Paints for leather items Kolorstar, will help you update the color of your product, make the surface more durable and at the same time soft, provide protection from natural changes. This type of paint is produced in a wide range of colors, and you can easily choose the color you need, and there are also paints of this series that make the products dull.

Creamy texture paints are most often used to restore an automobile interior, but they can also be used for leather furniture, or shoes. Paints of this category are dense, squeeze the right amount onto the surface of the product and gently spread with a sponge or cotton swab.

Spray paints are available in special spray cans, and will be convenient to use for both beginners and professionals. Convenience lies in the fact that the paint does not need to be prepared in advance, to look for tools for mixing and applying for it. Shake the can several times and the paint is ready to use. Spray paint must be applied in several layers. Plus paints in fast drying and economical consumption.

Preparation for painting

Before painting a leather thing, you need to clean it, dry it, and degrease it, carefully process the folds. There are several types of painting at home: deep and surface.

During deep painting, the product is completely dipped into the coloring composition and periodically removed - squeezed, turned over and wiped on hard-to-reach areas so that the thing is completely dyed. After soaking, the thing is taken out, straightened and dried, so that there is no shrinkage. In some cases, a fixative is applied to the product, if this is indicated in the instructions for the paint. But this option of painting is categorically not suitable for shoes and clothes, because will shrink things.

The surface appearance of the paint is simpler and faster. The leather product is painted only on top, it does not need to be soaked, squeezed and stretched, which is very convenient when painting the leather interior of a car.

Whatever method of painting a leather product you would choose, be sure to adhere to the instructions and safety rules, then your restored item will serve you for a long time and delight you with your look.