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Varieties of paints for leather products and methods for their use

Leather goods - shoes, various accessories, a car interior, eventually lose their original appearance, even with a careful attitude. Over time, various defects appear on the skin: small cracks, scratches, abrasions. Such products require a little repair. You can update your things at home with the help of high-quality and effective skin paint. Paint for leather products of the new generation Kolorstar.

Varieties of paints on the skin and the priority of repair

Each of us at least once in our life came across the thought of whether it is worth restoring an old thing or acquiring a new one. Deterioration of genuine leather products is common, but replacing things like a sofa or expensive boots, a leather coat will be expensive and not practical. You can restore things with special paint on the skin, this method does not hit the pocket, and the product will look like new.

The advantages of painting things:

  • Handmade
  • Fast reconstruction of the structure, color and integrity of the material
  • The processed material becomes softer, whether it is artificial or natural

There are different types of paints that are used to paint the skin:

  1. Acrylic paints - made on a water basis with acrylic additives. As part of some of these paints, polyurethane, which serves as a "liquid skin", is added. Acrylic based products can be used on leather, nubuck, vinyl, and even plastic. The surface of the products after applying such paints becomes wear-resistant to natural phenomena and mechanical damage. Acrylic paints are available in a wide range of colors. Many types of acrylic paints are suitable for decorating leather products.
  2. Cream paints - skin paints made in the form of a cream, have a dense texture and are packaged in tubes for convenience. Apply cream paints with a swab or sponge. Such paints are used for the restoration of leather seats of a car, shoes and other leather products.
  3. Spray paints - are available in spray cans and are considered the most convenient to use. These paints are used by professionals when painting car seats, but are also used at home. Spray paints are consumed much less than others, absorb well and dry quickly. For greater effect and quality of painting they are applied in several layers.

Varieties of skin painting

There are several types of dyeing of leather products: superficial and deep. Deep staining is the impregnation of the product in the paint, in which the thing is soaked in the composition, it must be pressed, turned and wiped so that all areas are painted. After painting, the product is pulled on a flat surface in order to avoid shrinkage of the item, for example, if it is a jacket or a raincoat, etc. You also need to apply a fixing agent and the last stage - fat impregnation. Surface painting is an easy painting of only the outer part of the product, while the skin is wetted by the composition. This type of painting is used for finished products. To begin with, the thing is degreased, for example, with acetone, and then the paint is gently applied with a brush in several layers and allowed to dry the product.

Kolorstar paint is a universal paint that is used to cover leather, textiles, PVC products and other materials.