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How to properly dye the skin, leatherette, rubber and PVC fabric

Prepare the surface for painting! Preparation before painting products from the skin is very important! The only reason why the paint can not lie down, or lie down, and then exfoliate is the contamination (intermediary) that interferes with adhesion, that is, adhesion. Such intermediaries can be fats (cream, cream-paint) and silicone containing impregnations or skin care products. Fats are most often on shoes, they can be cleaned with ordinary household soap and a stiff brush. Siline from the skin can be removed with anti-silicone. Silicone often happens on auto-leather, furniture leather, shoes.

1) Degrease the surface. Soap solution is mandatory! Then wipe with 646th solvent or ethyl acetate. PVC materials - soap solution and 96% medical alcohol. Degree of degreasing depends on the degree of contamination. (do not use powders and detergents)

2) The painting should be carried out in a well-ventilated area or on the street. Before painting, shake the paint bottle well in order to achieve uniformity in the distribution of the pigment, because when the stand is stationary for a long time, the coloring pigment can settle down. Pre-try to do a trial painting on an undetectable patch of skin. The number of layers applied depends on the original color of the surface. The interval between the application of the layers is 1 hour (depending on the ambient temperature). To paint at temperature not below +15 degrees С.

3) Complete drying - 24 hours.

4) When applying one layer of paint, the surface is considered to be updated, and two or more layers - normally painted. The space between the application of the layers should not be less than 15-20 minutes.

5) Apply the paint on a surface close in color: for a smooth skin - a soft brush, a sponge, an airbrush;

     for rubber and PVC - xb napkin or paralon!

6) With the additional use of varnish for Kolorstar leather, wear resistance, adhesion, water repellent effect is greatly amplified. Skin varnish Kolorstar is mandatory for use in the painting of furniture leather, auto-leather, bags, shoes, leatherette.

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