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Dye for Kolorstar fabric light brown, ral-8023

Лидер продаж!
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The multi-purpose dye for machine and manual dyeing of Kolorstar fabric is light brown, designed for dyeing natural and artificial fabrics, nylon and lycra. Also suitable for repainting animal skins, furs and feathers.

With the help of professional paint for Kolorstar fabric, you can dye any products made of fabric and mixed fibers at home, as well as non-standard ones, such as shoes, bags, windcheaters, leather goods, leatherette and suede if they can be washed in water! It will perfectly cope with updating the native color and overlapping from one color to another! You will also like its ability to attractively update materials such as: cotton, linen, wool, natural silk, polyamide (nylon), acetate silk, caton, jeans, vilvet, raincoat fabric, velvet, synthetics and many combination fabrics. You can easily upgrade your pants, jumpsuit, windbreaker, tracksuit, sweater, shoes, bag, etc.

In this case, you will have the opportunity to reduce expenses in the home budget for the purchase of new ones or putting in order old things. The amount of paint in one package is 10 grams! It dyes weight up to 1 kg in the wet state. Wear resistance guaranteed! The color is thick and saturated. Lie down evenly, is not transmitted to the body, does not fade with numerous washing and cleaning with detergents! It is easily washed off the drum, does not harm the washing machine! Raw Material Production - Germany.

Buy light brown fabric dye

You can buy light brown paint for Kolorstar fabric on our website by adding to the basket or by phone call.

Available 22 colors: scarlet, red, yellow, orange, blue light and dark, blue, turquoise, gray, burgundy, light and dark brown, khaki, olive, green, lime, pink, purple, lilac, beige, black and white . They can also be mixed to get the tone you need!

Choose the right shade of paint for Kolorstar fabric and breathe new life into your favorite thing!

Retail, wholesale and scraping for those wishing to expand the range. You will find more information about the paint for Kolorstar fabric in the instructions, also it is on every package!

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