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Hello! We are glad to welcome you on the pages of the online store of professional paint for leather, fabric, leatherette, suede and nubuck and other useful products for your home, office, car and economy. 

In our store you can choose really useful and necessary goods to you. In the category of "Paint", you have the opportunity to choose any color of paint for leather and leatherette, suede and nubuck, rubber and PVC for full or partial tinting products. And most importantly, we work with one of the most common in Europe catalog of shades RAL K-7, which allows you to get almost any color even without a sample!  We also work with samples, which will allow you to save quite a bit of time to find and make no mistake in the right shade.  After all, it is always cheaper to paint a leather jacket, shoes, a bag, furniture leather or a motorhome than to apply to specialized workshops. Suitable even for suede and nubuck products though it is a very delicate material, rubber and plastisol, PVC mattresses, billboards and membranes! There is also all of the additional funding for the preparation and consolidation of the surface.  Buy paint for the skin and restore the color of Your product, give it a second life and it will please you for a long time!

There is also a paint for fabric that will perfectly update or repaint you with any fabric clothes, shoes, bags, clutches. Suitable for applying a pattern or stencil on the fabric, updates the combined things.

Section "Colors" is made so that you can guarantee to choose or choose the shade that you need it! We work with the international catalogue of colors RAL K-7 containing more than 200 kinds of shades of different colors. 

In the category "Liquid skin" you will see a means to repair cracked or worn skin - a special putty (liquid skin) to repair large and small defects before painting. Even with this one can avoid the enormous expenses for the restoration of precious items for example furniture, auto salon shoes etc in shops and dry cleaners! 100% result and high quality!! 

Also in our online store you can easily buy a unique strength of two - component glue for bonding and soldering various materials at home, in the country, in technology and in the car. In the section right next to all the people who value their time and Finance offer universal solders for soldering pots, radiators, cranes, etc without soldering at home. Buy such things in his farm and You will be prepared for all occasions in your life even when you go on the transport for long distances!   

Useful in every kitchen and household brushes for cleaning metal goods: pots, pans, bowls, etc You will see under "Brush on metal"

Various household and household goods of a wide range, and also some clothes and footwear of good quality are in category: "Different"

We wish you comfortable shopping in the online store kolorstar.com