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Liquid leather putty for leather

Лидер продаж!
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Kolorstar liquid skin is a professional tool for repairing cracked or worn leather and leatherette. Designed to remove scratches and scuffs from the surface of the damaged material and give it a new and high-quality coating that can serve for a long time under normal and reinforced loads.

Elasticity and other properties of matter are preserved, and repair areas become smooth and pleasant to the touch, like real leather! Excellent material for filling in small and large lesions on all skin types. Now you can easily and quickly repair your product at home without overpaying the masters! With our putty, any scratch, crack, burn, or "ladder damage" on your favorite things will not cause you any special problems and will significantly save finances when restoring and coloring leather furniture, car interiors, outerwear and other voluminous things! After drying, the place of application becomes flexible and difficult to see against the background of undamaged skin. It is also effective in case of large damages (deep continuous cuts, through burn-throughs, and so on).

Application: liquid skin is applied with a thin layer several times with intermediate drying of hair dryer between layers until a flat surface is formed. After complete drying, sanding with a 600-800 grade sandpaper is possible. Be sure to fix the repaired surface with paint or varnish for leather Kolorstar to improve wear resistance and enhance the water-repellent effect!

To obtain the desired color after restoration with liquid skin, a dot or full dye of the product is necessary. Kolorstar company offers paint with a wide variety of shades of all colors, so you will definitely find for yourself what you need! The manufacturer does not recommend using varnishes and paints from other companies with an unknown composition in order to avoid possible conflicts of chemical reactions! Be careful with the selection of paints of unknown compositions !!

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