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Pencil Extrapay soldering and welding

Лидер продаж!
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If your pipe, tank or radiator is leaking, don't worry. Now this problem can be solved without resorting to the services of a welder. The product is used without soldering iron and electricity! With the help of the universal welding pencil "Extrapike", it became possible to solder the radiator right on the road without resorting to outside help! The new technology appealed not only to ordinary people who have a car, household, cottage, but also to professional welders, for example, muffler repair specialists. They estimated that without removing the muffler and without bringing the welding equipment to the place of damage, it is possible to restore the tightness in 5 minutes.

Extrapike welding pencil has an unlimited shelf life, so it makes sense to purchase it even just in case. One pencil can be used multiple times! Ideal for sealing cracks, holes, patching, tinning and restoration of enamel coatings. Soldering withstands heating up to 160C and pressure of 5 kg/cm! Suitable for the following materials: cast iron, steel, iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, slate, stainless steel, galvanized, heat-resistant plastics and plastics, ceramics and others. The structure of the Extra soldering universal stick provides adhesion (sticking) even on a rusty surface, both on a horizontal and vertical plane!

Buy welding pencil Extrapike

You can buy an Extrapay soldering and welding pencil on our website by placing an order through the basket or by phone call. There are retail and wholesale.

How to use the Extrapike welding pencil? Instructions for use:
1) Set fire to the pencil with any open fire (lighter, matches, etc.)
2) The tip of the piece starts to melt. The melted mass is applied to the damaged area.
3) After application, the burning of the pencil itself stops, and the molten mass on the surface of the part continues to burn. It is necessary to wait 15-20 seconds for the surface to warm up and melt. (the pencil contains flux).
4) After 15-20 seconds, rub the melted mass over the surface of the part with a pencil. 

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