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Dashenka stain remover, analog of Udalix ultra

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Universal stain remover pencil "Dashenka" - the Ukrainian analogue of the well-known Russian brand Udalix and Udalix ultra is designed for quick and effective removal of stubborn stains from ketchup, wine, coffee and tea, iodine, herbs, lipstick, blood, soot and rust, oil products, ink , stains from ballpoint pens, felt-tip pens, markers, etc. Suitable for various types of fabrics, upholstery, fabric surfaces. Does not change the color of the fabric and does not destroy its structure!

A fast-acting pencil like this can be a magic wand for moms with little kids!

Effective in 96% of cases - one of the highest rates in the domestic industry!

Removes difficult stains without causing product defects!

Economical - one pencil is enough to remove about 500 stains of 2x3 cm. (The cost of removing 1 stain is 8-10 kopecks) When removing difficult or particularly persistent stains, it works great in tandem with Antipyatin and Antipyatin soap with Enzyme. Safe for baby clothes, linen, bedding and personal hygiene.

Experienced moms and housewives recommend !!

Buy stain remover pencil Dasha

You can easily buy Dasha stain remover by placing an order through the oneline order form or by phone. Retail, wholesale and dropshipping for those wishing to expand the range!

A simple and easy way to use: wet the dirty area of ​​the fabric, apply the stain remover to the stain, rub it a little until foam appears, let it stand for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Repeat, if necessary, increasing the duration of the agent.

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