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Stain remover Udalix ultra - all stains will remove!

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  • $3.00

Universal pencil stain remover Udalix ultra - designed for quick and effective removal of stubborn stains from ketchup, wine, coffee, tea, iodine, greens, lipstick, blood, soot, rust, oil products, ink from ballpoint pens, markers, e. Suitable for various types of fabrics, upholstery, fabric surfaces. Does not change the color of the fabric and does not destroy its structure!

Such a high-speed pencil can become a magic wand for moms who have little babies!

Effective in 96% of cases - one of the highest rates in the industry!

Removes difficult stains without causing defects to the product!

Economical - one pencil is enough to remove about 500 spots with a size of 2x3 cm (cost of removing 1 spot 8-10 kopecks)

Experienced moms recommend !!

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