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Antipyatin stain remover with enzyme

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Buy antipyatin stain remover with enzyme

Soap stain remover based on natural bile with the smell of lemon Antipyatin with enzyme - efficiently and easily removes fresh and old stains of fat, grass, berries, fruits, coffee, tea, blood, ink, etc. Ideal for washing collars and cuffs of shirts, socks, children's clothing. It has a soft whitening effect! Does not destroy the structure and color of the fabric. Effectively and in cold water!

At the heart of BIO - formulas - active enzymes from bile and natural enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that accelerate the speed of a chemical reaction. They consist of more than 20 amino acids, each of which works with its own kind of spots. Work at high and low temperatures!

When removing difficult or particularly stubborn stains, it works great in tandem with a stain remover pencil Dasha or Udalix! Safe for baby clothes, linen, bedding and personal hygiene.

Simple and easy method of application: to wet a contaminated area of ​​tissue, soap with soap, soak for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

You can buy an anti-stain stain remover with an enzyme on our website by placing an order through the basket or by phone! There is retail, wholesale and grashipping to expand the range.

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