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Miracle sponge for high-quality cleaning "Dream of the mistress"

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  • $2.20

Advantages of a miracle sponge The mistress’s dream over other sponges:

1. Does not leave streaks of water and dirt during cleaning, saves your time and effort, and at the same time the quality of cleaning increases;

2. It immediately wipes the wet surfaces dry, simultaneously removing fine debris and dust, water does not drain from it;

3. Washes and immediately wipes dry furniture, walls, windows, tiles, laminate, glass surfaces, etc .;

4. One sponge absorbs up to 300 ml of water;

5. For a car, a sponge is simply indispensable, as well as for a bathroom;

6. Using a miracle sponge, you can collect animal hair from carpets and other coatings;

And most importantly - it saves your precious time, energy and strength!

It’s easy and quick to order a miracle “Dream of a mistress” sponge by placing an order through the oneline basket or by phone. There is wholesale, retail and crushing for buyers with any ambition!

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