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Quality electro-sharpener for the cutting tool Swifty Sharp original!

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  • $8.28

The compact wireless electric sharpener Swifty Sharp will ensure the sharpness of the knives in your home at a professional level! In addition, with its help you can sharpen scissors, screwdrivers and other household tools.

Swifty Sharp - is a practical and compact device that in just a few seconds sharpen kitchen knives, scissors and even give new life to a screwdriver. Any knives fit perfectly. Even those with which other models of sharpeners could not cope. For example, now you can get it out of the closet an old but favorite knife for slicing bread with a serrated blade, and fix it!

Swifty Sharp Sharpener is suitable for:

all types of blade kitchen knives;

scissors (with one-sided sharpening);

garden and locksmith tools and scissors (removing the nozzle);

saws, knives-nail files (there is an angular slot);

To grind screwdrivers of different sizes.

Outwardly it is an attractive device made of high-quality plastic. Inside the case is made of metal. The connector for sharpening knives, scissors and screwdrivers is suitable for both narrow and wide bases.

Instructions for use:

Place the sharpener on a flat surface;

Easily, without effort, sweep the knife back and forth several times with the blade on the body of the device.

Literally for 3-4 movements you will provide knives with perfect sharpness!

If you want to give something to a mistress without her husband, or whoever has to wait for him from work constantly to sharpen knives - give her a Swifty Sharp sharpener, she will certainly be satisfied!

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