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Kitchen sharpener for knives and scissors Samurai Pro - sharpen everything!

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  • $7.60

Are you tired of dull blades of knives, scissors and other tools? Try the universal sharpener Samurai Pro! It will help quickly and efficiently sharpen jagged knives, kitchen knives and scissors.

The sharpener is made of tungsten carbide, so it will work for a long time. It works on the suction cup, which makes it even faster to sharpen the tool in a matter of seconds!

The uniqueness of the mini-sharpener is that, thanks to its design, the device itself selects the ideal blade sharpening angle and automatically removes excess metal.

You can sharpen:

Knives with straight blades, wavy blades, scissors, hunting and tourist knives.


Slices everything easily and quickly! A special bowl sucks in all the microparticles during the grinding of the tool. Sharpening blades made of tungsten carbide! Has a special angle of sharpening!

The sharpening tool is used for a sufficiently high-quality, simple and fast sharpening of the cutting edge of the tool.

How to properly use a Samurai Pro sharpener with a suction cup:

Before you sharpen the knife, you need to attach the sharpener to any flat surface.

Lower the handle to secure the sharpener to the surface.

Then 2-3 times smoothly hold the blade along the metal plates.

When you make sure that the knife is sharpened, lift the handle.

The sharpening process is over!

The ideal surfaces for attaching a manual sharpener are laminated wooden surfaces, glass, marble, granite.

Kitchen knife sharpener is designed for use at home, but it will suit professionals as an inexpensive alternative. To sharpen knives with a mechanical sharpener Samurai Pro quickly, reliably and simply!

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